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100 Episodes Of New Girl: Why It's Still Our Favourite Comedy

by Emmy Griffiths ,
100 Episodes Of New Girl: Why It's Still Our Favourite Comedy

New Girl has just celebrated it's 100th episode, and we can't remember a time that we weren't giggling at the antics of Jess, Schmidt, Nick, Winnie the Bish and the rest of them. To celebrate our favourite comedy hitting the big numbers, here's why we're still ALL about New Girl...

Jess is basically all of us

And also part Disney Princess

The show's countless nerdy references

The running joke that Nick is dependant on Schmidt for EVERYTHING

But Schmidt loves him more than he'll ever love anyone else

Also, how Nick is kind of an adorkable loser

Winston Bishop is borderline cray cray and possibly the best character

Schmidt's beautiful way with words

Even it's sentimental moments are funny

Oh, and the fact that Schmidt's a massive douche

The arguments are hilariously stupid

Every time Jess sums up being a woman

Also, drunk Jess is best Jess

We love ya New Girl, never change. Is it your favourite comedy? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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