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11 Kittens That Purr-fectly Sum Up Taylor Swift’s Greatest Hits

by Emmy Griffiths ,
11 Kittens That Purr-fectly Sum Up Taylor Swift’s Greatest Hits© Getty

Why? Because T Swizzy’s album 1989 is out today and we want to celebrate in the only way we know how, WITH CATS. Since we all know that Taytay is as much of a crazy cat lady as we are, here are her top hits as defined by kitty cats. Brace yourself. Cat puns are coming.

Shake It Off

THE amazing feel-good song of 2014. Anyone who says otherwise has got to be kitten me!

Everything Has Changed

A duet with Taylor and her best fur-iend Ed Sheeran.


The song about bullies who will one day be in-fur-ior. Hehehe.


Them glasses are paw-some.

Back to December

All about the relationship Taytay just couldn't fur-get.

Our Song

Has she never heard of a paw-table phone?!


Taylor Swift's idea of the purr-fect relationship.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Paw-sibbly Taylor Swift's best break up song!

I Knew You Were Trouble

When 'paw-ty' times go wrong! Sorry. So sorry.

Love Story

A tail of past life romance!

You Belong With Me

All about how Taylor and her neighbour (who is a cat-ch) fall in love over the window equivalent of text messaging!

Have you listened to her new album yet? Is it purr-fect? Tweet your tweets @sofeminineUK!

This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her @emmyfg!

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