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15 Things All Gingers Are Tired Of Hearing

by Emmy Griffiths ,
15 Things All Gingers Are Tired Of Hearing© Pois-Plume/@nikki_1117/@ozge_galatasaray/@shewasevans via weheartit

If you were blessed enough to grow up with a head of stunning copper locks, you'll know that people are naturally curious about EVERYTHING. It's probably because redheads are all unicorns and therefore a natural curiosity to others, but here are all the things that get a little tiring...

"Do you have a fiery temper?"

Yep, and you’ve just set it off by asking that question.

"Well I think gingers are hot"

Oh GOOD! Thanks for being the exception in the human race that could actually be attracted to a redhead! Bye.

"Are you Irish?"

I wish. They wouldn’t ask such questions there.

"Carpets match the drapes?"

Just how – HOW is it okay to ask someone about their pubes like you're discussing the weather?!

"YOU be Ginger Spice!"

Why was our childhood tormented this way?! Couldn’t someone let us be Baby just once?!

"You’d look so good as a brunette"

Ah, really? So…if I ditched the ginger you’d find me more attractive? To the nearest Boots, let’s get these locks covered!

"Is that your brother?"

Nope, my boyfriend. Thank you for making it weird.

"Are you the milkman’s baby?"

Do you always question people’s parentage during polite conversation?

"Do you have a soul?"

Yeah yeah, that kid who made that YouTube wasn't the best representation of the ginger population. Still, we never imagined the repercussions would last this long...

"Is all your family ginger?"

Yep, your suspicions are confirmed. I am a Weasley.

Is that your natural colour?

No, I volunteered to have people asking me these questions all. the. time.

Do you go out in the sunlight?

I'm not one of the children from The Others! Why do I have to defend myself against this bullsh*t?!

Your hair isn’t GINGER ginger though

Why are you trying to 'soften the blow' by saying we're more auburn or strawberry blonde? We literally do not care what you label it because we're proud, PROUD I SAY.

What factor suncream do you use?

Why do you even want to know? Are you actually curious? I couldn't care less what factor you use...

You look just like [insert ANY ginger celebrity]

Actually no, I don't look like Lindsay Lohan/Amy Adams/Karen Gillan. Thanks, but no.

But let's face it, they just hate us coz they ain't us!


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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her about gingers everywhere @emmyfg!

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