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20 Of The BEST Feelings You Can Have In Your 20's

by Dagney Pruner ,
20 Of The BEST Feelings You Can Have In Your 20's© We Heart It

Ahh your 20's, a time filled with budget constraints, boozing and a parade of meh men. Our problems may seem petty, but I can assure you that to the twenty-something girl scraping to get by, they feel VERY real. In light of these problems, here are the 20 best feelings you can have when you're in the "prime" years of your life. Enjoy it while it lasts!

1. When you remembered to close your bar tab

I honestly don't know why we ever open tabs, with our budgets, how many rounds of drinks did we really think we were gonna buy? Who were we trying to impress? 99% of the time you are going to forget you opened it and then either have to get your 10th debit card replacement of the month or go hungover to the bar and pray the manager is there. So when you wake up and roll over and find not only your wallet, but all your cards where they should be, it's basically reason for celebration.

2. When you get a clean bill of health from the lady doctor

Finding a man in your 20's is hard, like super hard, which means that you're going to sloppily kiss lots of frogs over the course of your average weekend. Sometimes we make good decisions, sometimes we don't, and sometimes you don't know he's actually a frog until 6 months in. So when your gyno gives you a call and says you have zero to worry about there isn't much better news a girl can get. Unless they found a way to take the calories out of late night pizza, that would definitely be better news.


3. When your workout gets canceled

There are only a handful of reasons your workout would get canceled: snow day, not enough people signed up for the class, water main break at your gym and/or alien invasion. On those rare occasions that you literally CAN'T workout because of the aforementioned reasons, and let's be honest going on a jog outside is just never really going to happen, you have a get out of jail free card. That means you can go to happy hour, finally get your nails done or watch the entire season of House of Cards in one sitting like you've been dying to. Best night ever!

4. When the hot guy in the office comes over to flirt with you

What is the thing they stress the most your first day at your new job? Don't hook up with coworkers. It's an HR nightmare, a recipe for Monday to Friday awkwardness and is sometimes a fireable offense. Which is why it's a VERY good decision to steer clear of office romance. Alas, nothing is more alluring then the forbidden fruit. So you're just not supposed to flirt with any of the hot guys in suits that sit next to you 12 hours a day? We don't have super hero self restraint, sorry. So when that cute guy in sales pop on over to your cubicle and engages in a few minutes of flirty banter loaded with innuendo, that is basically the best part of your day. That and getting to leave the office.


5. When your roommates are on the EXACT same page as you

You know how some Thursdays ALL you want to do is get in pyjamas, sit on the couch and drink unhealthy amounts of wine while watching, and hypocritically judging, all your favourite reality shows? And how some other nights you had an awful day at work and just need to go straight to a bar and blow off some steam by drinking unhealthy amounts of alcohol? Well, when your roommates are on the exact same page as you there is not a better feeling than having partners in crime for either of the above. Trying to convince them to go in or stay out with you is the worst, what does a girl have to do to get a drinking buddy around here?

6. When you realize your Netflix account is still hooked up to your ex's

Don't you love when you have free Netflix for the rest of your life because your ex has clearly forgotten he gave you his password? It's honestly their fault for not remembering to change their password before he dropped the bomb on you that you two "had different expectations" of a relationship. You snooze you lose, boys. Now we're going to settle down to a Orange is the New Black marathon, thanks.

7. When you wake up and realise you didn't late night eat

Humans are predictable: staying up till 2am, drinking enough vodka to take out an adolescent elephant, and barely eating dinner means by the end of the night you are STARVING. What can curb this hunger? Not a kale salad, not a pressed juice, only something that can be dipped in cream cheese and chive or eaten in bulk. Those few times you manage to restrain yourself from the late night binging tradition is a glorious realisation in the morning. Turns out you only drank 2,000 calories you didn't eat them too!


8. When your ex boyfriend texts you

Last time you spoke to your ex you probably told him to not, under any circumstances, contact you. Not by phone, not by text, and definitely NOT by Snapchat. So it makes perfect sense that the selfish jerk that you swore off wouldn't reach out. However, those times every few months when you wake up to a 1:38am text from him that just says "hey" it will always put a big smile on your face. You still got it, girl.

9. When that girl who was a b*tch to you in uni kisses your ass

You know those girls in Uni who thought they were way too cool for school and had a posse like day two of freshers week? They were the worst because they made you feel like you lived in Loserville population: 1. Eventually the social scene basically resets when you move to a new city and it doesn't live by the arbitrary University hierarchy rules. So when that girl who didn't give you the time of day in uni sees you at a party and gives you the biggest fake hug ever and starts kissing your ass because she knows that you are actually a cool chick it feels amazeballs. All that's left for you to do is sit back and revel in the universe's keen understanding of karma.


10. When you get to cut in line at a bar

There is nothing worse than standing outside at a bar in your extremely uncomfortable heels while your buzz wears off. So when you walk up to a bar and your friend happens to be first in line and let's you hop in line, or you remember the bouncer from last Saturday and he takes pity on you and let's you in that's basically as close to A list as you'll ever get.

11. When your roommate gets fed up and cleans the apartment

No matter how much you love your roommate, if you're not a neat freak then there will always be the standoff between the two of you for who will cave first and clean all the dishes, take out the trash and finally clean all the bronzer off the sink. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day of work and realising that your roommate took one for the team and cleaned your apartment. You finally don't have to eat out of takeaway containers because you have clean plates! The stench of the leftover Chinese food is gone and you can finally see that your sink is white again! Sight what a great feeling.

12. When you make a friend who loves to cook

I would say that the average 20 year old won't be competing on Top Chef anytime soon, so when you make a friend that just loves to cook Jamie Olivier and Delia Smith's favourite recipes, you never, ever let that friend go. Not only does the friend love to cook, they invite you over and pamper your appetite with brussel sprouts, spaghetti squash and other organic delectables. Do not screw up this friendship, there is nothing more comforting than a home cooked meal.


13. When you can Sunday Funday any week you want

Often in your 20's, you don't have many obligations other than showing up to work Monday morning in good enough shape to turn on your computer and keep your eyes open. Since you don't have much else to worry about, why not booze on your day of rest? You're young, healthy and can power through a hangover on a Monday like a big girl.

14. When your boss gives you a pat on the back

One of the greatest feelings growing up is when you leave school and have a big, red A+ with a massive smiley face on your spelling test. Unfortunately, in the real world that type of praise and reinforcement is very rare. It's not your boss' job to stroke your ego, this is the big leagues. However, if you do a stellar job at work and your boss gives you a good pat on the back it feels as great as getting those smiley faces on those tests growing up. Only this time it's better because that could actually mean a raise, not just a thumbs up.


15. When you save up your TV shows to watch on the weekend

There is nothing worse than waking up Sunday morning and realising that you have already watched all of your TV shows this week. You watched The Bachelor live, stayed up late to watch Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, and already pulled a House of Cards marathon, which means all you can do is pray some networks are smart enough to play some rom coms on Sunday. If you managed to restrain yourself during the week, then you get to wake up Sunday and have a FULL DAY of your favourite TV shows back to back. To a girl that was happy to wake up with all of her belongings in her purse and in her own bed, that is basically the best news ever.

16. When you get cash on your birthday

So let's be honest, as sweet as it is for your family to still attempt to go out and shop for you for a birthday gift, it's sweeter when you get a heartfelt card and the gift that keeps on giving: cash money. Every girl loves her grandparents for attempting to go out and buy the scarf of their dreams, but let's make everyone's day better by clearing the air: we love receiving cash, even the smallest amount.


17. When your girlfriends talk about how much they love your boyfriend

Hopefully you are dating your boyfriend because he's a great guy and makes you laugh, so it's no wonder your friends would like him. However, in your 20's there are plenty of friends who will date guys that totally blow and you are forced to sit and listen to them whine about them for hours. So when your friends meet your boyfriend and tell you about how much they LOVE him and how it's obvious he makes you SO happy, well that just feels effing amazing. Even though you always felt like you picked a great one, it's nice to hear it from the girls you love just as much as you love him.

18. When you get a bazillion likes on your Instagram

Are we the generation of social media obsessed narcissists? Probably. What can I say? It is an absolutely phenomenal feeling when you post a picture where the lo-fi filter is making you and your biddies on girls night out look HOT, and thus it gets a lot of likes. Triple digit likes for the picture of you and your boyfriend wine tasting?! Might as well throw a party to celebrate it feels that good. Don't lie, you feel it too.

19. When a non creepy guy buys you drinks at the bar

There are many reasons a guy paying for your drinks is a great feeling, the best of which is they're free and there's a possibility of a make out at the end of the night. Unfortunately, most of the guys who have the cajones to go up and offer to buy you a drink tend to be the guys you would never, ever want to have the chance to make out with. So when the guy that DOES offer to buy you a round doesn't seem like a serial killer and is actually pretty cute, there are few things more exciting during a night out.


20. When a guy is a really good kisser

Although this may not seem like it should make the top 20 list of the BEST feelings in your 20's... it's just too good not to. Romance, intimacy and your speedy metabolism are three things that basically no longer exist by the end of your 20's. So when a guy comes along and not only appreciates first base, but has obviously put in the hard work to become an amazing kisser, it is worth taking a pause and recognising that. So often hookups in your 20's involve a sloppy declothing session followed by skipping first base entirely and the guy attempting to incognito-fumble his way straight to home base. You think we didn't notice? The unicorn of a man that masters the passionate kiss is definitely worth keeping around.


What are some of your favorite moments as a twenty something? Let us know @sofeminineUK!

This article was written by Dagney Pruner. Follow her on Twitter @dagneyp

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