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Ideas For Wedding Vows For Every Type Of Couple

by Dagney Pruner ,
Ideas For Wedding Vows For Every Type Of Couple© We Heart It

Some girls grow up dreaming of their wedding, others just want to go to the local register office and get it over with and some may have never even given it a thought. No matter what type of girl you are, there are vows that can accompany any type of ceremony you are hoping to have, saying how much you love your partner in crime doesn't have to be cheesy! So, let's go over some options.

  1. · Traditional vows
  2. · Romantic vows
  3. · Best friend vows
  4. · Multicultural vows
  5. · High school sweethearts vows
  6. · Blended wedding vows
  7. · Beach wedding vows
  8. · With child wedding vows
  9. · Destination wedding vows
  10. · Interfaith vows

Traditional vows

If you've ever seen a romantic comedy or love the film Father of the Bride, then you've probably heard of what we call traditional wedding vows. We have to give them credit for being short, sweet and all-encompassing. So if you're the type of a girl that is afraid of crying on the altar, I mean nobody wants their mascara all over their cheeks, these could be the perfect vows for you. It will be hard to get the waterworks going when you're only saying a sentence or two!

"I _____, take you ______, to be my wedded wife/husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part."

Romantic vows

Sure almost all wedding vows are romantic, it is about love after all, but for hopeless romantics the traditional wedding vows simply won't do. Although you are committing to each other till death do you part, sometimes it's nice to remind yourself and your partner just how damn romantic that notion is.

"I know that there is no other place I want to be than right here, right now, committing to you and our life together until we cease to exist. I can think of nothing more special or precious in this world than the two of us standing up here in front of our family and friends, declaring to each other and to the world, that we will love, support and honour each other forever. Forever is a word that did not really have meaning for me until now, because now I have something that truly is forever, we have something that truly is forever. I promise to never forget the gravity of the promises we make today, and will do everything in my soul to love you every minute, of every day, that we are lucky enough to have together from this day forward."

Best friend vows

When people say "I get to marry my best friend" they often mean it literally. Although your partner could be your best friend because of how much you share with each other, long term relationships can also begin as a friendship and grow from there. Given that you owe your friendship for your (fingers crossed) eternal happiness, it only seems fitting to incorporate it into your vows. #BFFAE

"I, ______, promise to remember that our love blossomed out of a beautiful friendship, based on loyalty, compassion and always thinking of your happiness before even my own. I promise to continue to be your best friend, your confidante and your partner for all things in life. I make this vow to you today to always cherish your needs over my own, and no matter how hard things get, remember that our foundation is one of true partnership. I will honour that for as long as I shall live."

Multicultural vows

Even though you may not come different faiths, often you can be marrying somebody from a completely different culture. Different cultures can mean different traditions for your wedding, and can affect how you are going to raise your future children. Instead of letting it create a divide or sweeping your differences under the rug on your special day, celebrate the new bonds you two will be making between the two cultures. Being different can be a beautiful thing, and a very promising thing for your gene pool.

"Our commitment to one another has given us the blessing of a glimpse into our childhoods and our family values. Although I may not be a part of the world you grew up in, nor you in mine, I have a great respect for what made you, my beautiful partner, you. I vow today to build a bridge between our two cultures and always remember to approach our beautiful differences with the utmost respect and understanding. Our marriage is going to create a whole new world that not only we, but our children, will be a part of, and I vow to protect and honour that world with every ounce of my being from this day forward."

High school sweethearts vows

Some people have the rare fortune to meet their partner when they are only in their teenage years, which means there is lots of time to get to know one another, but also lots of hurdles to overcome to make it for the long haul. Couples that are able to make it to the altar as adults have a unique insight into the trials and tribulations of being with somebody for possibly a decade, and that unique bond should definitely be commemorated in your vows. It's worth celebrating for all romantics that love at first sight DOES still exist.

"I, _____, am so proud to stand here today with you after all of our years together, and make what I have known to be true for so long, an official partnership. We have earned our special day today through years of support, compromise and respect for one another as we made the commitment to not just grow up as individuals, but to grow up together. I am so grateful for the hurdles we have had to overcome because they have made us so strong that I know we will not just survive an eternity together, we will thrive in our life together. I promise to look at you the same way I did the first time we met in school from this day forward, until death do us part."

Blended wedding vows

Do you and/or your hubby already have kids? Well then it's all the more special that they get to be part of your big day. Having somebody love you forever is one thing, but having their kids love and accept you into the family makes your wedding day all the more gratifying. Traditional wedding vows can suit any occasion, but when you have such a unique opportunity to incorporate the kids' presence into the ceremony, it would be silly not to. Can't think of a better scenario for the saying "the more the merrier" to ring true.

"I, ______, am so humbled to not just be starting my life with you, my partner in which I find solace, comfort and joy even when I did not think it was possible, but also joining a family I have grown to love with all my heart. (To child or children) Your father always tells me how much he admired (list three things the father admires about the child or children). I must say I not only see these inspiring traits in you, I have found that your (three traits you love about the child or children) not only makes your father a better person, it makes me love him and your beautiful family you have created together so much more. I vow to respect, love and dedicate myself to you, my husband, and your family, from this day forward."

Beach wedding vows

There are few things more beautiful than getting hitched in front of one of the most beautiful places nature has to offer, and the scenery shouldn't go unnoticed. If you're fortunate enough to swing a beach wedding then definitely don't let the amazing ambiance go to waste, especially when it comes to your vows. Let's just hope nobody decides to throw you in the water after the ceremony.

"There are few things that I know undoubtedly to be true. I know that the sun will rise tomorrow, I know that the waves we hear now will push through any obstacle so that they have the chance to crash on these shores, and I know that I will wake up every morning grateful that I get to be your wife. I stand here humbled by the beauty and love that surrounds us on our special day, but I am most humbled by my steady and undying love for you, and admiration for the life we have created together. I promise to always remember how lucky we feel right now and to remind myself, and you, of how fortunate we are to have an eternity together, and that we should fight for it every day, no matter what. This, I promise you."

With child wedding vows

Sometimes on the big day you have a little bun in the oven! Which means your kid technically got to attend your wedding. There is no shame in having the symbol of you and your partner's love on show for your family and friends to see on the big day, and it should be celebrated, not be the unspoken bump in the room. You will have the unique fortune to begin your marriage with your most prized accomplishment, what's not to love about that?

"I, _____, promise to love you the way we are going to love our child: fiercely, loyally and unconditionally. I am so proud to not only be the mother of the amazing child we are going to bring into this world, I am honoured that today I will also get to become your wife. Knowing that we get to spend the rest of our lives together from this day forward is a joy that I will hold on to forever, through the good times and the bad. I promise to stand by you and our child, and cherish, support and nourish our future together as long as we both shall live."

Destination wedding vows

Often if you are opting for a destination wedding you go somewhere that means something to your relationship. Maybe you met there, maybe he proposed there or maybe one of you is from there. Regardless, since you made your family and friends fly all the way out there, it's only fair that you share why the location is so special to you both, and there isn't a better time to do it than in your vows. As they say, throw a wedding that makes the story books jealous.

"I cannot imagine a more special place to say to you, before everybody we love, our vows to each other. Whenever I think of this place, all I can think of is not just you, but us, and how no matter what happens, this place will always be sacred in our hearts. I fell in love with you here and now we get to make this the place where I became your wife, and you became my husband, where we were bonded forever. I promise to love and support you, and put our life together before all else, because I know that at the end of the day, nothing else matters from this day onward. And even when things get tough, I know that we'll always have (name location)."

Interfaith vows

Even though you and your future hubby may not be the same religion, it doesn't mean you can't incorporate both traditions into your wedding. It's up to you and your partner how you want to shake up the ceremony, but when it comes to your vows why not incorporate your interfaith relationship? Often it can be an aspect of your relationship that brings you closer together, not drive you apart. So celebrate the fact that your kids will get to celebrate twice as many holidays!

"______, although our different faiths may be just that, different, I believe it is what makes us so special. We have learned that we have so much in common, not just our dedication our faiths. I light this candle together with you today with prayers that the vows we say today will illuminate all the years we have together going forward. I promise to honour you in the same way I honour my traditions, as well as yours: forever."

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