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20 Signs Your Life Is Basically A Sitcom

by Stephanie Ashley ,
20 Signs Your Life Is Basically A Sitcom© CBS

Have you ever thought your life was just like an episode of Friends or How I Met Your Mother? You have one bar you frequent so often, you might as well own it, and your friends are downright ridiculous! In fact your life is so funny, you pretty much deserve your own camera crew. Here are 20 signs your life is worthy of a sitcom.

1. You Are Insanely Predictable.

You have WAY too many habits: like that one TV show you're obsessed with and that one cafe or bar you frequent pretty much every day. Hello Pret.


2. There Is That ONE Bar/Cafe.

Speaking of that one bar/cafe, not only does the bartender know your name, he knows your order to the letter!


3. You Are TOO Funny.

Honestly, you crack yourself up sometimes! Don't you wish someone could catch these moments on camera?


4. You Mentally Flip Out All The Time.

Your inner monologue is dangerously erratic. Don't you wish you could just freak out openly the way they do on TV?


5. You Can Really Only Handle One Problem At A Time.

While all the many issues in your life can be overwhelming,you can only deal with one thing at a time...Kind of like a TV episode...


6. Your Friendship Group Is Crazy...

You have a secret dance, multiple in-jokes, a word that makes you fall about laughing and plenty of inappropriate sexual tension. In fact your friends make Jersey Shore look like a picnic!


7. You're The Only Sane One In It...

The longer you stick around with your friends, the more you see yourself going a little bit mad yourself.


8. And Your Friends All Pretty Much Live In Your Apartment.

Should they pay you rent for this sorta thing?


9. Your New Friends Are Incredibly Weird To Your Old Friends.

Whenever you meet someone new and introduce them to your old friends, they act like a new character has popped up on their fave show: suddenly your new friend is Big Al. They've filled in his backstory and given him a catch phrase.


10. You Have A Catchphrase.

In fact everyone in your real life sitcom has a catchphrase. You find yourself muttering that one line, over and over. Like "Bite me," it's your go-to snarky comeback!


11. Your Family Has Collectively Lost Their Mind.

You have to wonder how on Earth you can be related to these people...


12. You Were A TOTALLY Different Person When You Were Younger.

The first thought when you see an old photo of yourself? What the HECK was up with that HAIRSTYLE!


13. Your Dating Life Is Textbook Terrible.

Does everyone have dates THIS bad? Seriously, this can't be real life!


14. Anything Out Of Habit Is An ADVENTURE.

Anything out of habit doesn't just deserve a Facebook status - it deserves it's own freaking show!


15. When You Fail, You Fail EPICALLY.

What is it they say? GO BIG OR GO HOME.


16. You Are Awkward As F***.

Sometimes you just can't handle life. Or work. Or people...


17. Holidays Are A HUGE Production.

The presents, the tree, the dinner - you go ALL OUT!


18. You Have Those Randomly Serendipitous Moments.

You run into this person you met four years ago on the opposite end of the country? How can this actually be happening?


19. You Know That One Couple That Just Belongs Together.

They're perfect for each other and they ALWAYS have been!


20. Your Friends Are Your Family.

Your friends may be crazy, but they're the BEST! You wouldn't trade them for anything.


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