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27 Fabulous Celebrities With Truly Terrible Childhood Photographs

by Emmy Griffiths ,
27 Fabulous Celebrities With Truly Terrible Childhood Photographs

These stars are unbelievably stunning and out of this world, so we're allowed to giggle at their less than sensational childhood looks. It IS sort of satisfying to know that even the great and glorious superstars of the celebrity world went through the gawky phase! If anything, nerdy childhood photographs are the only thing that we ALL have in common...

Who will win the award for Most Improved?

1. George Clooney

He really grew into the bags under his eyes!

2. Nicole Kidman

Nicole has blossomed from her permed chipmunk days!

3. Daniel Craig

Some could argue Daniel grew into his stunning good looks at some point in his thirties...

4. Pink

Oh Pink. Love the mustard turtle neck.

5. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks or Oscar Wilde? The chin length perm was a bad idea Tom. Don't deny it.

6. Penelope Cruz

As much as we are loving the pigtails, it's fair to say a lot's changed for Penelope since school!

7. Justin Timberlake

Same smile, better teeth.

8. Jennifer Garner

Oh Jen, fringe! What were you thinking?!

9. Bradley Cooper

Any of Bradley's old classmates who are cursing themselves for not giving Bradley a chance at High School, we can't say we blame you...

10. Angelina Jolie

Angelina looked like she needed a good twelve hours of sleep and a shower back in the day...

11. Jake Gyllenhaal

We'll pretend we didn't see this Jake.

12. Katy Perry

Katy can rock blue hair, purple hair, rainbow hair, but the blunt bob is something even she can't pull off!

13. Brad Pitt

We refuse to believe this is actually Brad. But it is. But it can't be.

14. Kate Middleton

From average English school kid to Princess! Love it!

15. Eminem

Take a good long look everyone. This might be the first and only time we see Eminem smile.

16. Adele

So Adele blossomed...

17. Bruno Mars

Oh Bruno! Too much cheese!

18. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker was SO cute and toothy! Especially toothy.

19. Sandra Bullock

We all had a wonky fringe at some point in our lives Sandra, it's okay.

20. Megan Fox

Nice teeth Meg.

21. Ke$ha

We have no words.

22. Kate Hudson

At least Kate's always been happy!

23. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez or a cast member from The Sound of Music?

24. Shakira

Yeah, Shakira's actually brunette. We know.

25. Michelle Obama

Why so serious Michelle?!

26. Beyonce Knowles

Who are we kidding, Beyonce was an awesome baby. Love you B.

So who do you think has had the most radical transformation? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

All images via Pinterest

Check out how these child stars have changed!

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