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7 Ways Kate and Wills Are Totally Normal Parents

by Rachel Citron Published on 30/04/2015 at 16:30
7 Ways Kate and Wills Are Totally Normal Parents © Getty

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not regular peasants like you and me. Most of us don't call the Queen "Gran", get married at Westminster Abbey, or wander around Zara with a security team. As proud parents of the adorable Prince George and his soon-to-be brother or sister, both William and Kate have already made significant changes to the royal traditions of bringing up baby. Here are 7 ways Kate and Wills have achieved the impossible - behaving like totally normal parents!

1. Kate Struggled With Breast-Feeding

2. They Get Down And Dirty During Playdates

3. They Perform Mundane Acts Of Parenting

4. Their First Official Family Portrait Was Taken By Grandpa

5. When They Went To Australia They Took Prince George Along

6. Kate, Wills, and George Fly Together - Despite Royal Protocol

7. Wills Took A Job Closer To Home To Be Near His Family

8. They Take Care Of Bath And Bedtime Themselves

9. They're Both on Nappy Duty

10. They Really - Really - Want To Raise Their Kids Out Of The Spotlight

Yeah, um, good luck with that.

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