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12 Lavish Gifts To Gift To The Royal Baby

by Emma Goddard ,
12 Lavish Gifts To Gift To The Royal Baby© Getty

With the second royal baby on the way, fans of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge couldn't be happier. From wondering if Kate Middleton will give birth to a baby boy or girl, to anxiously awaiting to hear what name will be chosen, the excitement is too real. And with the baby due soon, the proud parents are probably being showered with some of the most lavish gifts someone could give to the royal baby.

Although it's said that the royals are not allowed to accept gifts before the baby's birth, in order to avoid product endorsements, there's no stopping the celebrities, fans, friends and family from buying them presents anyway. While I don't know the royals personally (sigh), I wouldn't be surprised if they receive some pretty bizarre gifts. After all, Prince George did receive a toy motorcycle and stuffed animal wombat amongst the other hundreds of presents from around the world after his birth. Yet with the slightly odd things one could give a baby, there are also the overly extravagant gifts they could receive.

Fancy Baby Cribs

Ever wondered what it would be like to buy a baby coach for your own child, let alone the royal baby? Well lucky for you, you can experience that pleasure! That is, if you're willing to splurge thousands of pounds. Clearly this company's name is Posh Tots for a good reason.

Hermes Baby Blanket

This Hermes blanket is perfect for the royal baby, although I'm sure that Kate and William would probably be able to get way more use out of this wool and cashmere item. However, I'm sure the soon-to-be Mountbatten-Windsor of Cambridge would look so adorable bundled up in this blanket available in blue, beige and red!

Unnecessarily Expensive Nappy Totes

So apparently this bag is a nappy tote even though it pretty much just looks like a normal designer bag to me. I know it's nice to be a stylish mum, but you can still do that without breaking the bank on something that you merely hold nappies in.

Gold Baby Rattle

From Nelson & Nelson Antiques, this gold and mother of pearl baby rattle would be a perfect gift for only the most special baby. I mean I don't know how often people really use rattles like this anymore, but hey, why not?

Baby Bottle

Bottle feeding is a big step in raising a child, so of course the royal baby should have the best of the best. Right? Well this white gold baby bottle from Suommo provides just that with its diamonds and all. Let's just say you could probably buy an expensive car for the price of this generous gift.

Baby Pram Fit for a Queen

This beautiful pink pram truly looks like something straight out of a fairytale. I mean really... does this not look like something Cinderella would have been in as a baby? So if the royal family ends up having a daughter, I only hope they'll consider using something like this. After all, their little princess needs to ride in style!

A Scary Realistic Baby Doll

No, the picture above is not an actual baby. If you haven't already heard of the "reborn baby dolls" out there, that might be a good thing, because these things are way too human looking! I kind of doubt the royal family would accept a gift like this, but it's definitely fancy. So fancy that it seems some people have too much time on their hands.

Feeding Spoons

The royal baby will have be born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth quite literally with this beautiful gift. Although it's not too pricey in comparison to some of the other lavish baby gifts out there, it's probably not something we plebeians would own when our baby's born.

This Insane Baby Bath

Sorry, no plastic baby baths here! The royal baby only deserves this giant, "Magic Bath," as it's called, or as I like to call it, a pool for a newborn. You could probably bathe triplets in this thing!

Rocking Horse

£13,000 rocking horse... er lion? Yes please! This hand-carved rocking lion is a whopping 650 lbs and would be great in a nursery room! I'm not saying this is something you would actually want to put a baby on, but I'm sure any royal family would be down to show this off as decor for their child.

A Life-Size Teddy bear

OK, so this isn't exactly a teddy bear but more like a faux stuffed bear that you'd see in a hunting lodge. Considering this monstrosity is a little over 5 feet, the royal baby's nanny would have to keep a close eye on play time with this toy, but doesn't it look like something great to cuddle? I'm sure the royal family would approve of this gift.

Baby Sleeping Bag

Did you know that babies have their own sleeping bags?! Yep, it's true, and this Young Versace baby sleeping bag is absolutely adorable. The embroidered gold and metallic Medusa head look like something the gods would have their babies sleep in.

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This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follow her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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