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16 Things Every Second Born Knows To Be True

by Lareese Craig ,
16 Things Every Second Born Knows To Be True

It's true what the experts say, life as the younger, more feeble second child IS the toughest. You're nowhere near as smart, precious & capable of self defence as your older counterpart. So what if you had to endure crazy first time parenting methods? Hello, us second -borns didn't even get a baby album! Here's 16 things every second born knows to be true.

Everyone's talking about the new Royal Baby news (don't worry George you're still cute). But monarch or not, there's a standard hardship every second born has to go through.

Here's 16 things every second born knows to be true. Although if we could choose to have anyone as our older, wiser successor it would be Prince George. Obvs.

1. The 'baby' comments

When your mum gets emotional and says 'you'll always be her baby'. Pretty sure you tried to deny it between the ages of 11-16 but whatever.

2. That time you dedicated a whole afternoon to going through your baby album

Didn't take very long did it?

3. The less than imaginative birthday cakes

Your older sister celebrated with magnificent marzipan Disney princess castle cakes. You got Colin the pigging caterpillar.

4. Mum can never get your name right first time

Even if yours is WAY easier to remember.

5. The first time round your mum and dad were on it

Organic food, extra sensitive bath bubbles, handmade toys & potty training for the first child. Us? We just got to crap in a nappy until college.

6. You're constantly competing for your parents' love and attention

Handstands and cartwheels were a personal fave.

7. You're always to blame

It doesn't matter who actually started the fight, in your parents' eyes it's always you.

8. Hand me downs

Yep, that's all you'll ever know for the first 10 years of your life.

9. Nothing gave you more satisfaction than rummaging through your older sibling's room

Until they came home, found you and dragged you across the carpet for an hour.

10. You have to live with the constant comparisons

Well your sister/brother was walking at 9 months old blah blah blah.

11. You'll never live up to their expectations

Because whatever you do and however well you do it, it's not quite like their precious swaddled first born. Shutttt up.

12. The endless fear

That your stronger sibling would in fact kill you in a fight and cover it up.

13. When you went to the same primary school

But your sibling avoided you like the plague until they had to have a joint photo with you and the photographer made you act like you loved each other. Sweet revenge!

14. You were always the guinea pig

You were subject to much abuse and experimenting. Like the time the first born picked you up by your head and delivered you to your horrified mother in the kitchen. Just me?

15. You can never be original

If you've done something cool it's obviously because you copied your older, cooler sib.

16. On the plus side by the time they got round to us, mum and dad had well and truly given up on trying to tame their brood

So thanks for taking a bullet for us and teaching them that those crazy ass parenting techniques were never gonna work out second time round.

Are you a second born? Share the hardship @sofeminineUK

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