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8 Things That Have To Happen In The Downton Abbey Christmas Special

by Emmy Griffiths ,
8 Things That Have To Happen In The Downton Abbey Christmas Special© ITV Pictures

What a finale! The posh period drama soap opera has finally come to an end after six seasons of evening wear, world wars and car crashes, and we have mixed feelings over the whole thing. We’ll be sorry to see our Sunday night entertainment finish, but maybe it was time to call it a day. Seriously, how old must Lady Grantham be now? 120-years-old?! At least we still have the Christmas special to go, and if you’re listening Julian Fellowes, here’s what HAS to happen!

  1. · Anna has her baby
  2. · Lady Edith ends up with Bertie
  3. · Barrow finds happiness
  4. · Tom finds love
  5. · Mrs Patmore's B&B thrives
  6. · Lady Grantham finds out about Spratt
  7. · Daisy gets a new job
  8. · We hear more exclamations from Lord Grantham

Anna has her baby

How could we leave Downton Abbey forever before we see Anna have her baby and finally have peace and happiness with Mr Bates? There have been too many murders and ex-wives in this couple's past, and although they are well on their way to happiness we actually want to see their happy ending play out on screen. We're not taking any chances this time!

Lady Edith ends up with Bertie

After Lady Edith is left in the season finale taking care of the children while Lady Mary swans off with her new hubby after having ruined Edith's life, we are so ready for Bertie to return, sweep Edith off her feet and wed her so she can finally find happiness! (We also want to see Mary's face when Edith officially outranks her). You know Mary messed up when the entire Twittersphere suddenly goes #TeamEdith.

Barrow finds happiness

We can't leave Thomas in the state he's in now! He might have survived from his suicide attempt, but the feelings are all still there. Why did you have to hurt him in this way Julian?! Can't you write him a nice boyfriend already? Either that or Carson retires and Tom takes over as head butler. OR Lady Mary moves away with her new beau and Tom runs their household. Come on, give us anything!

Tom finds love

We would like to see Branson all settled down rather than playing matchmaker to Mary and worrying about Edith. There's only so long we can hear about him going on about the estate and car racing.

Mrs Patmore's B&B thrives

Mrs Patmore's B&B hilariously became a “an 'ouse of ill repute", before the Crawleys stepped in to do some damage control. Although the village turned out to applaud the rich people, this still doesn't mean Mrs P's hotel is out of the woods and we need to know what happens!

Lady Grantham finds out about Spratt

Spratt being Edith's newspaper Agony Aunt is probably one of our favourite things about the season finale. It is just SO unlikely and stupid that its brilliant. All we need now is for Lady Grantham to find out that her butler is moonlighting as Miss Cassandra Jones and we'll be happy.

Daisy gets a new job

She has an education, and she can't remain a kitchen assistant forever! Come on Daisy, sort it out!

We hear more exclamations from Lord Grantham

We loved last night's 'golly gumdrops' SO much that we want to hear what other words of jubilation Lord Grantham has in his vocabulary.

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