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Bring Back The Baby Face! 13 Reasons We Want Men To Shave Their Beards Already

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Bring Back The Baby Face! 13 Reasons We Want Men To Shave Their Beards Already© via Pinterest

It’s pretty hard not to notice that the male population have been looking a whole lot hairier recently, with beards as the hot new must-have for a gentlemen’s cheeks. Some hate them, some love them, but we reckon summer 2015 should officially be the time to grab a razor and get rid once and for all. Here’s why we’re leaning towards the smooth shave…

When the trend started and we realised beards were here to stay, we didn't think it was such a bad idea

I mean, is he even real?

But then you began to take it too far

Selfies, growth updates, whimsical shaving. It got old quickly.

Because some beards can be great

And can make you look like literally the most attractive creature to grace the earth

But you have abused the privilege of rocking hair on your face

A noodle bowl beard. No.

And we kind of miss your faces

We don't want to see front face braids, we just want to see you.

And we miss being pain free while kissing

It's like making out with sandpaper.

We're a bit fed up of pretending this sort of thing isn't weird

It's not art, it's sticking flowers in your facial hair.

Where would we be if these guys decided to join the bearded posse? Hmm?!

It would be an unspeakable tragedy.

So please do us all a favour and pick up a razor

Do what needs to be done.

Just ask yourself: what would Paul Rudd do?

He'd shave it off is what!

Still haven't convinced you? Maybe Andrew Garfield will


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