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12 Things Men With Beards Are Sick Of Hearing

by Emmy Griffiths ,
12 Things Men With Beards Are Sick Of Hearing© WeHeartIt

It's long been established that beards are back, but what problems do men with fuzzy faces have to deal with on a daily basis? Here are all the things bearded fellas are tired of hearing...

Doesn’t it itch?

It's fine. Everything is fine. Why are you trying to get me to hate my beard?

You look so much better with a beard

Soooo I looked ugly before? Why, thank you!

So…are you trying to be hipster?

Can't I just grow a beard without becoming a cliche?! So what if I want a twirly moustache and play the accordion to boot? Can I live?!

It is trendy to have a beard nowadays I suppose

Yeah...that's why I'm doing it. Just following the crowd.

Are you homeless?

Ha, classic. Because I look like I don't own a razor. Sharp wit you've got there.

Have you ever done anything funny with it?

Not everyone enjoys decorating their beards with baubles. But yes, yes I have done something funny with it.

You ever find food in it ages after you’ve eaten?

I'm not some animal! I do have standards of hygiene! Apart from that one time I found some cheese in it but that was an accident...

You look like you could be in Victorian times

EXACTLY what I was going for. I'm bringing that century back baby.

When are you getting rid of it?

Whenever I feel like it. Be about your business.

You look like Jesus


How long did it take to grow?

Is it a sign of my masculinity if I say six months? Shall I just say it grew like this overnight?

How do you sleep on it?

Like a damn baby.

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