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15 Signs You Were A Total Mean Girl At School

by Emmy Griffiths ,
15 Signs You Were A Total Mean Girl At School

People change, right? You might be the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful and hard-working person NOW, but you can still remember the days of secondary school when Mean Girls just came out and being plastic was cool and you went along with the rules of how to be a total nightmare just as much as the rest of us. Don't worry, you weren't alone. Here's how we were total b*tches at secondary school...

1. Linking arms along the corridor and refusing to unlink to give people way

It doesn't matter that you were smacking into people who could only duck to avoid you. You and your friends OWN this corridor!

2. You wore clingy trousers

That stretchy material that clung to your butt so well with useful belt loops so you can add your favourite rhinestone belt.

3. You’d carry your PE Kit in a Jane Norman carrier bag

Yeah you shopped at Jane Norman, and everyone should know it.

4. Don’t forget your slightly revealed thong

School uniform wasn't school uniform without a pink thong that everyone can get a glimpse of. It was more than just underwear, it was an accessory.

5. Your tie was this long

Long ties are for douche bags.

6. Tying your polo shirt in a knot was so daring and cool

Especially when the teacher's told you to take it out and you ignored them. You should be able to flash your abs whenever you feel like it.

7. You said what no one dared to

You were constantly being sent out of lessons for speaking your mind, but whatever. Someone had to.

8. Black hair with blonde bits of vice versa was sophistication

As well as making sure it is POKER straight. POKER.

9. Doing everything humanly possible to avoid PE.

It's so convenient when you and all your mates periods were on the same time so you could sit and watch everyone else, occasionally trying to throw a volleyball at someone's face...

10. You backed your books with glitter paper

Just because you couldn't care less about school, doesn't mean you shouldn't accessorise your bag.

11. Disc belt on non uniform days

We were SO on trend.

12. Your polyphonic ringtone was Missy Elliot

You knew Pass That Dutch before it was cool.

13. Not to mention your Golddigga gear

Your Golddigga jackets and tshirts showed you'd spent over THIRY pounds on a super fly label.

14. Having multiple key rings on your bag

You could hear us coming a mile off!

15. You freaked out when a seating plan was introduced

Why would they take away our happiness and keep us away from our friends? Ugh.

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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