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10 Types Of Couples On Instagram That Make You Want To Gag

by Dagney Pruner Published on 18/12/2014 at 16:00
10 Types Of Couples On Instagram That Make You Want To Gag © Weheartit

Maybe it's realising how single you are during the holiday season but there are some couples on social media that make us want to revert to life before unlimited data. We want to be oh so happy for those that are blissfully in love, but there is a line! Here are 10 types of couples that we wish would show off their love lives the old fashioned way.

1. The #MCM girl and #WCW guy

We all know you're in a relationship while we sit at home eating Ben & Jerry's watching Netflix. No need to remind us who you're dating once a week.

2. The "I get to marry my best friend!" couple

Okay we know it may feel like they're your best friend, but I tell my BFF about how bad my period is and they help me pop that spot I can't reach. My future husband will never know this type of information.

3. The "Look at these flowers I have the best boyfriend in the world!" couple

You get flowers for no reason, we're thrilled if a guy even opens a door for us. We get it.

4. The "X number of days until I marry the man of my dreams!" couple

You're counting down to the day all eyes are on you, we get it, we'd be lying if we said we hadn't thought about our wedding day since we were little too. However, giving your friends a countdown reminder that you have found your significant other while the only thing we're still counting down is the seconds on the microwave timer for our ready meal is really just mean.

5. The super athletic couple #swolemates

Double whammy, not only showcasing their relationship, also showcasing the fact that you and your boyfriend are in insane shape while we sulk in bed hungover waiting on our Just Eat orders. #HorizontalLife

6. The constantly travelling couple

These couples seemingly never have work and an endless travel budget because it looks like they are ALWAYS travelling together. Where to this weekend guys? #foreveronvacation

7. The couples who only take selfies

These couples who have zero fear of the double chin nor of documenting EVERYTHING they do together. Thanks for the updates guys.

8. Couples who dress up together for EVERY holiday

Halloween, tacky Christmas party, themed birthday parties, you name it. These couples will bring new meaning to documenting the #couplescostume

9. The documenting double daters

These couples mean #doubletrouble because not only do they document everything they do with their significant other, they document everything they do with their other friends that are in couples too. Couples everywhere! Rejoice!

10. Couple runs

This is not the same as the couples who lift, hike and/or do athletic activities together because couples that go on runs together are on a whole different level of annoying. Couples who document their couple runs on social media, however, TAKE THE CAKE. So cringeworthy. So much secondhand. The worst.

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This article was written by Dagney Pruner. Follow her on Twitter @dagneyp

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