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16 Things We Hope Our Boyfriends Never Stop Saying

by Carla Cain Walther ,
16 Things We Hope Our Boyfriends Never Stop Saying© Getty

Honestly, it's not that hard to make a woman smile. We swear! Sweet nothings whispered in our ears make us feel more appreciated and valued than material things - well, unless that material thing is an engagement ring. So if your man says these things to you on a daily basis then congrats; he's clearly fluent in the language of love (and a total damn catch), you lucky girl.

Lets just sit back and pray he never stops 'cause these are hands-down the best things a woman can ever hear...

"You look beautiful."

"I'm sorry."

When your boyfriend can buck up and apologise for hurting your feelings then you've got a man on your hands and not a dreaded man-child.

"I forgive you."

It's always nice to know your boy is more interested in creating happy memories than holding a grudge against you for drifting into psycho b*tch girlfriend territory the week before.

"My mum loves you."

Yes, girl! You're most definitely in it for the long haul if he mentions how much his momma adores you.

"My friends think you're hot."

Oh, c'mon, just admit it! Finding out your BF's mates think you're a stunner is totally flattering!

"I cooked you dinner."

To be honest, the way to a woman's heart (never mind his) is through some tasty homemade grub.

"I want to start eating healthier."

FINALLY after months of hinting that his chips and larger diet is seriously nasty, he's down to start improving his eating habits.

"You're the best sex I've ever had."

"Tell me what's going on?"

A thoughtful boyfriend lets you go off on rants every now and then.

"Wanna stay in and watch movies tonight?"

YES, PLEASE. You're up for quality time all the time.

"You're my best friend."

A serious relationship grows out of a solid friendship first. You should be your man's #1!

"I miss you."

You could've been out for five hours or five days - nothing beats your boyfriend letting you know he was thinkin' about you when you were gone.

"I hope our kids get your nose."

Holy shit, he's thinkin' babies too. Amaze!

"You're turning me on, babe."

One day you might feel like the spice is gone in your guys' sex life and then...BAM...he can't keep his hands off his irresistible sex queen!

"Want to go on vacation?"

The couple that travels together stays together.

"I love you."

Wow. Those three little words never stop being the sweetest thing you'll hear from your man. (Cue the butterflies.)

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