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17 Unexpected Signs You’re A Psychob*tch Girlfriend

by Vivian KELLY ,
17 Unexpected Signs You’re A Psychob*tch Girlfriend© Google Images

Ladies, whether you've been through a heart wrenching break up, acted plain crazy or got treated badly it's inevitable that sometimes in life women can lose their sh*t over a guy. From drunk dialling, beating up your BF (hi Solange!) and bawling your eyes out, acting like a psychobitch girfriend is A LOT easier than you might think, especially if it's men who have made you that way. If you're worried you might have released your inner thug check out these signs...

1. You ring him non stop

Calling your BF off the hook because you're wondering where he is or what he's doing? CHILL. Patience is key.

2. You don't take no for an answer

If you're nothing but 'demands and needs' your BF is sure to label you a psycho GF sooner than later. Stop being high maintenance! Boyfriends are not magic genies - they can't grant your every last wish. Just saying.

3. You play childish games

We deal with enough mind games from guys all the time - do you really want to play these games? Don't try to one up your man. It's a waste of time.

4. You're a non-stop cryer

If you're the sensitive type, try your best to pull yourself together when appropriate. Crying because you got bad news is understandable, but crying because you're late for work and you missed your train isn't something your man's gonna want to deal with every damn day. Think about it.

5. You're a compulsive liar

In general, most women are honest, however there are ALWAYS exceptions. There are women out there who lie ALL the time to get attention. Even worse, when girls guilt trip their friends into thinking that she gets treated like crap by her man. By all means, be honest, but don't lie about it.

6. You're a cyber stalker

This is when you know you've crossed the line! If you've ever had a reason to snoop then something is most definitely wrong. Either you have some major trust issues or your guy is giving you a reason to doubt your trust in him. Talk to him - don't stalk.

7. You hunt him down

Yep, it's not only men who do this kinda thing. Women go cray cray too. If you think getting in the car and pulling up to his house to greet him when he's home is romantic, it's NOT (more like freaky). Restraining order please!

8. You're demented

If you've ever suffered a heart wrenching break up, you'd know the first step of moving on is acceptance. But if you somehow missed the memo and still ring him to say how much you 'love him' then you are a psycho, girlfriend.

9. You're crazy jealous

Whilst a hint of jealously can only be a healthy sign, when things go OTT you know you're not with the partner you hoped for. Getting jealous because he's hanging out with the boys, got a new car or bagged a new job? Burning jealously is NOT good - be happy for your man.

10. You're a borderline alchy

Can't remember last night's messy antics? This could be very worrying for your boyfriend, not to mention pretty unfair. Don't go psycho on him if he calls you out - he's only trying to help.

11. You're a drunk texter

The odd drunk text here and there can be quite endearing, but when you're sending loads of texts every night about how much you absolutely adore him, you can pretty much guarantee you'll be scaring him away. Take it easy girl.

12. You slash his tyres...

...or egg his house because you've just had a massive argument and broke up. This is pretty self explanatory... just don't do it, it's not worth it.

13. You're too hard on him

Are you constantly bringing your man down with comments about what he's doing wrong? He'll never be perfect - give him a break!

14. You fight with him in public

If you think it's acceptable to go bat sh*t crazy on him a la Solange, think again. Yelling and swinging fists ain't solving anything girl.

15. You're pissed off with him if...

...you have a 'dream' about him cheating on you. It's NOT reality! He has no control over your dreams. Don't even start.

16. You're hung up on your past

It's inevitable to talk about your past relationships with your new BF, but if you're constantly hot blooded or teary eyed when speaking about it then perhaps, you haven't moved on like you thought. Time for some reevaluation.

17. You hate ALL his mates

If you find yourself giving your man an ultimatum between you and his friends, don't be surprised if he choses the later. A man should never have to chose between his girl and his boys. End of.

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