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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for #Squatspiration

by Emma Goddard ,
10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for #Squatspiration© Weheartit

From Jennifer Lopez to Nicki Minaj, beautiful bottoms and toned thighs are everywhere. Though we know beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, with fitness junkies all over social media, it seems like the latest Instagram accounts to follow have been all about squats. And since we're all about confident women, you should definitely follow these accounts for #squatspiration.

  1. · @squatguide
  2. · @shesquatsbyi
  3. · @xoobruna
  4. · @m.emme
  5. · @jenselter
  6. · @shesquatsphysique
  7. · @jessiebabyfit
  8. · @squatsfia
  9. · @cttchickentuna
  10. · @bodynomics


Model @noellebenepe 💕 . Also follow this amazing new page 👑@queenofsquat

A video posted by Squat And Stay Sexy 💋 (@squatguide) on Nov 24, 2014 at 10:05am PST

Featuring fit women from all over, this Instagram account is completely dedicated to squatting and the transformations that women go through thanks to their everyday squat exercises. @squatguide offers inspirational video clips of strong women working their legs and glutes, as well as various squat workouts with instructions on how to do them in the captions.


The best part about this account is that squats and working out have helped this woman on her weight loss journey. Her story is completely relatable and just reveals how with a lot of time and work, you'll be able to see a lot of change not only in your body but your confidence as well. Getting a fit body doesn't happen overnight, but if you work hard you'll get where you want to be.


Definitely rivaling Jen Selter's beloved bottom, Miami, Fl.'s Bruna Lima has a bum that any woman would be proud of. Like Selter, Lima updates her Instagram account every week with pictures of her just being her beautiful self and photos of her gym routine. Squatting all day, every day, one of her video captions reads, "tag someone who wants or needs to build the booty." Can someone tag me, please?


@bootymotivate asked me if I have side by side pics of my thighs and butt progress for certain months. Thank dear but I do not have side view pics of my legs on June except from back view. Sigh..can’t believe I forgot to take some. Don’t be like me. Take progress pic EVERY MONTH - at least twice a month. So here are some pics of my progress. I started to do squats since end of April. On July, I started to add some varieties on my workout like lunges and other legs exercises and abs workout like situps and leg raises. With quite strict diet mainly consists of tons of veggie and fruit juices, some protein from chicken, eggs and fish (1-2 servings a day which I thought was enough), lots of oatmeal and plain water - only. After certain time, our body will hit plateau. It happened to me. On September I noticed my regular squat has losing it’s effect on me. My butt was getting smaller instead of getting toned. The diet often made me become tired and was not compatible with my workout anymore coz I needed more protein to built my muscles and that muscles to burn fat too. That was the time I knew I needed to do something - change my diet and use weight to my workout. I started to take protein supplement (whey powder), eat beef (I stopped eating beef since I was 16-17 years old) and started to squat with 8kg weight. Nothing fancy. I did not have dumbbells. I use empty protein container filled with water. I don’t have dumbbells until today. hehehe.😜 Please note, I only workout from home until end of October .then went to gym to train with weights. I still do exercise from home once in a while. I still have cellulite. I have it for many many years and it’s not easy to get rid of all my cellulite in just one year. But the condition is waaaaaay better than before. I must say sufficient protein intake, proper diet and nutrition and weight help a lot. #Bodytransformation #legday #squats #girlswhosquat #squatspiration #Fitness #FitnessProgress #instafit #BootyProgress

A photo posted by EmmE (@m.emme) on Jan 7, 2015 at 9:03pm PST

This 29-year-old fitness lover doesn't have a major following yet, but judging from her Instagram page, I bet she will in the near future. Describing herself as being positive, loving to cook, and being all about her cats and her man (cat ladies unite), this beauty is living proof that you can always reach your goal. On top of her amazing weight loss, this Instagram user also photographs her delicious but healthy meals.


Had so much fun making my @beatsbydre #SoloSelfie 🎵😃 Show me yours!

Film zamieszczony przez użytkownika Jen Selter (@jenselter) Sty 19, 2015 at 10:41 PST

Of course, I had to put queen of the squats, Jen Selter, on this list. How could I not? Even to this day I still go to her Instagram account for #squatspiration hoping that one day I'll be blessed with her super toned stomach and amazingly curvy butt. Just looking at one of her photos is enough to get you off the couch and into the gym.


Basically Kim Kardashian (seriously, she basically dresses like a Kardashian), this Instagram user is all about eating well and working out. She's especially into leg day and is #squatspiration to women everywhere! Plus, she's totally not afraid to show it and her Instagram account will provide everyone with plenty of photos to help you think fit and get fit.


Part of My Body Journey's "Journey Girls," Jessie definitely doesn't shy away from the gym. With workout clips throughout her Instagram page, there's something for everyone when it comes to finding a workout that'll keep you inspired. If this girl doesn't make you put down that takeout you're eating, then I don't know what will!


I love how much Instagram user, Sophie, embraces her strong physique. She's extremely confident (as she should be) and has something to teach us all when it comes to working out every single part of your body. Legs? Arms? Abs? She might love her squats but she also knows how to target other key parts of the body.


With a bio reading, "I don't love working out so much but I do it because I love being fit," Laura Gordon totally gets us. Not everyone loves the gym (in fact, a lot of fit celebrities admit they hate it), but if you want to stay in shape then you have to just suck it up and do it. With a good diet and exercise, anything is possible - even potentially having a toned booty and legs like Gordon.


Buffie Carruth loves living a healthy lifestyle and she also loves to help motivate her followers with exercises and workout tips. The Instagram user even shares images of her fans who have gone through their own weight loss journeys and have transformed their bodies.

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This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follower her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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