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20 Reasons Why Being An Adult Sucks

by Stephanie Ashley ,
20 Reasons Why Being An Adult Sucks© Touchstone Pictures

Ever wanted to go back in time, be a child again and this time never ever, under any circumstances, make the mistake of growing up? Join the club! Adult life is full of great things: happy hour, sex, and no school. But what about all those little things that just drive us up the freaking wall? Here they are, in all their annoying glory!

Little girls dream of growing up to become fairy princesses, and that's all well and good except for the whole GROWING UP part. Most of us don't go on to become Kate Middleton. Instead, we go on to become fabulous yet ordinary members of society with adult responsibilities and no live-in mum to clean up our mess.

Stay young as long as you can! Here are 20 reasons why we should NEVER have grown up.

1. Bills, Bills, Bills

They come every month like clockwork, and just like another special monthly gift, they make us bleeeeeeeed. And cry. And sob. And drink lots of wine.


2. Laundry

Ever wonder how that pile of dirty clothes magically cleaned and folded itself all those years ago? Yeah, that was mum. Every time you pick up that massive box of washing powder, remember to thank her.

3. Cooking

Sure, we love eating (probably more than we should), but the whole preparation process? Meh. Can you really mess up boiling water? Yes, yes you can.


4. Washing Dishes

This is what comes of cooking: a tower of dirty dishes. Once the tower starts leaning a bit too much, we realise we should probably start cleaning up. All we wanted to do was eat! Life can be cruel.

5. Cleaning

Speaking of cleaning up, most adults would rather run and hide from the dust bunnies under our beds than get on our hands and knees with a cloth. Alas.


6. Doctor Appointments

Taking time off from work, sitting in the waiting room forever, getting drilled on and poked at - it is so not fun. When we were young, maybe they gave us a lollipop, but as an adult, they only give us a headache.

7. LADY Doctor Appointments

One word: stirrups. Men, you will never understand!


8. Sunday Night

Why is Monday even a thing? Was it invented just to torture poor innocent 9-to-5 workers to the point of insanity?

9. Getting Ready

Men, do you think we women enjoy taking FOREVER to fix our hair and makeup? Trust us, if we could snap our fingers and look perfect (without burning ourselves on straighteners and poking our eyes out with eyeliner pencils), we would.


10. Food Shopping

We go into the store with a well laid plan. Then we spend an hour realising we need EVERYTHING. We leave with way more than we came for, and when we're home? We realise that one thing we forgot. *Sigh*

11. Driving Anywhere

At age 16, we were over the moon when we got our driver's license. Freedom! Now we realise freedom means an hour or more of stop-and-go traffic. We were clearly duped. Don't even start on the whole parking thing.


12. Answering A Full Inbox

But, but why?! How are there even that many people in the world??

13. Actual Physical Mail

Do people even send this stuff anymore? For some reason they do. Not only that, but we have about 10 articles of spam mail from stores and services we don't even subscribe to. How did they even find us?


14. Swimsuit Season

This was definitely bad as a teenager, but now? Gym two times a day and that newfangled diet. This is war, ladies!

15. Travelling

Usually the destination is nice (holiday time!), but now there's no mum to help us pack, clean up the house, take out the rubbish so we don't come back to some awful stench...


16. Managing Money

Teenager: Yay, I've got a credit card!
Adult: I have HOW LITTLE in my bank account?

17. Dating

Instead of hitting things off with the cute boy in our maths class, we're finding it a bit difficult in the adult dating game. There are waaaaay too many so-called rules, and honestly, when are we even going to meet someone if we're busy all the time? Time for Tindr and OkCupid...


18. DIY

We finally decide to try out that cute project we found on Pinterest. We buy all the supplies, and we get down and dirty with it. Not only does it look NOTHING like the Pinterest photo, but now we have to clean up the glue-y, glittery mess we've made on the carpet.

19. Killing Bugs ON YOUR OWN

No no no no no no no no, DADDY!


20. Work of Any Kind

Let's be honest: at this point, all we want to do is lie in bed with Netflix and some chips....Then we remember that, as adults, we get wine and sex, so at least there's that!


Any crappy parts of being an adult that we missed? Let us know @sofeminineUK

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Stephanie Ashley
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