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Funny Sh*t Girls Say That Only Girls Will Understand

by Lareese Craig ,
Funny Sh*t Girls Say That Only Girls Will Understand© Pinterest

Let's just put it out there, us girls do come out with some funny sh*t. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes we're not even sure we understand what just came out of our own mouths but from the look on our bestie's face, it made total sense. We shorten everything, we love to exaggerate and at times noises even replace words. Oh yeah. Here's 24 of the cray things we say that only girls will understand.

1. I need some me time

Either someone's annoying us or we've been busy running round after everyone else as per. We need to kick back paint our nails and just spend some quality time ALONE.

2. Google it

If you ask us something and we don't know the answer we will tell you to Google it. And yes it is a verb.

3. Out out

We don't just go out, oh no. We go out out. Somehow saying it twice means it's a big deal. All of a sudden there's all this pressure. You will go shopping. You will drink too much and you'll probably wish you just went 'out'.

4. With the girls

Our friends mean that much to us calling them by their names just isn't enough. We like to call them The Girls like they're some kind of revered pack. Which they are. We also like to boast about doing absolutely anything with them all social media #outwiththegirls.

5. I'm having a fat day

No, it's not down to chocolate or PMS - you're actually having a fat day. Pass. Us. The. Sweatpants.

6. So chic

Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Olivia Palermo, Millie Mackintosh. SO chic.

7. It's so in right now

It's fashionable, everyone's wearing it, we need it.

8. Take it a day at a time

Right, because usually you like to take it 12 days at a time. We know it makes no sense but we like to think we're being all supportive and wise.

9. I'm thinking about having a make-over

Uh oh. You've looked the same for a whole six months now and you're craving a change. Restyle, new hair, new boyf? Who knows what's about to go down.

10. I'm doing a detox

Girl code for, "I'm going to try and survive off strawberry shakes and watered down soup for a week *yummy* but if someone brings in cake it's game over. BECAUSE I'M STARVING.

11. I'm just so emosh

Don't Tell The Bride, One Born Every Minute, BGT...we're so emotional we can't even finish our words anymore.

12. This year's going so fast

"How is it May already?" We're shocked that time is actually a real, moving thing. All year. Every year.

13. Has someone sprayed?

Nope we don't mean has someone cocked their leg up and taken a pee. We can smell something good and we will not rest until we know what perfume it is. From our own experiences, it's usually Victoria's Secret body mist.

14. Shut up

You've just told us something really dramatic. Keep talking and do anything but shut up. Seriously.


15. You should come

You probably shouldn't go, or you would have been invited in the first place.

16. I miss your face

I miss you just isn't as cute.

17. Eugh

We're disgusted. So disgusted in fact we sound like we got a sewing machine stuck in our throats. (Eye roll optional).

18. You were in my dream last night

Only after we've said this do we begin to gauge how creepy/inappropriate we sound. Oh and no one cares.

19. I don't care, I just think it's funny

You definitely care and absolutely nothing about this is funny.

20. It feels like it should be Friday

Always on a Thursday. Why!?

21. I haven't seen you in forever

Oh right, so we've literally never met then. This is weird.

22. It's just not me

A polite way of saying, 'Do you even know me at all?'.

23. Meh

We literally don't give two hoots.

24. I'm not sure how I feel about that

When we can't even come up with a word for how we feel - that's your cue to run.

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Lareese Craig
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