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These Christmas Beards are The True Meaning Of Christmas

by Emmy Griffiths ,
These Christmas Beards are The True Meaning Of Christmas

Think your Christmas jumper was a nice touch? Oh no no, this year true Christmas spirit is expressed via the beard. No beard? No Christmas spirit. Visual artist Katya Wildman put together a new look for the ever-increasing bearded fellows, with her designs ranging from The Reverse Christmas Tree to The Iceman Cometh. Suffice to say WE LOVE IT.

Want to take your Christmas cheer to higher planes this year? Get your man to decorate his beard in designs including The Reverse Christmas Tree, The Iceman Cometh, Festive Birds Nest and Mistletoe Madness.

​Katya, who spent six hours creating the distinct look for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, used robins, mistletoe, snow and a few tons of glitter said: "I have always been fascinated by facial hair – and now I have the chance to try out my festive designs on some bounteous beards. I used the Galaxy Note Edge to photograph the models and create a series of portraits that may raise a smile this festive season!”

It seems like a fitting way to end the year of the beard, a trend that has been adopted by many a sensation Hollywood A listers including Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender.

​Suffice to say that after this trend takes off, we'll be seeing baubles in their beards in NO time! Check them out below...

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