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23 Amazing Alternative Christmas Wreath Ideas Every Kirstie Allsopp Wannabe Will Love

by Rose Adams ,
23 Amazing Alternative Christmas Wreath Ideas Every Kirstie Allsopp Wannabe Will Love

Brush up on your carol singing and deck the halls, cos Christmas is almost upon us folks. Not gonna lie, we've been eagerly waiting to dig out our decs from the loft since Halloween, so we're super excited now it's actually acceptable to do so. But if you're bored of the same old Christmas holly wreaths decorating your front door each year, then we've got just the ticket with these kooky alternatives. Kirstie Allsopp eat your heart out!

Christmas holly wreaths: Lovely to look at? Absolutely. Long lasting and economical? Well, no actually. Christmas is expensive enough without the added cost of replacing the decorations adorning the gateway to your abode every year. And that's before you even mention all those falling needles you have to pick up off the porch too - ain't nobody got time for that. But we're all for tradition, so skipping out on one of the most iconic decs of them all is simply not happening.

​Enter then, these amazingly kooky and unconventional wreath ideas straight from our fave creative vault, otherwise known as Pinterest. From pompoms to candy canes, it's time to pick your fave and get creative. We promise they are simple AF to make, and we guarantee they'll have you saying 'deck the halls' quicker than you can swallow your mouthful of the mulled stuff...

Get creative with your wreath this year with this funky inspo:

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Rose Adams
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