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15 People Who Took Christmas WAY Too Far

by Emmy Griffiths ,
15 People Who Took Christmas WAY Too Far© http://imgur.com/gallery/OMkT92P

Christmas is a time of love, harmony and celebration. From insane family photos to hilarious gifts and horribly misleading Christmas decorations, here are the people that took Christmas way too far...

When Bridget’s parents told her she couldn’t be on their Christmas cards anymore, she took matters into her own hands…

This kid who decided to make the most of his siblings snap

When the elf of the shelf went crazy

These elves have been up to SO much no good. See the rest of their fun here!

When this guy’s parents told him to ‘sober up’ and send his own Christmas cards to family and friends…

When this guy decided Christmas jumpers were soooo 2013

When these friends decided to make a Christmas card whilst studying in Japan

When this guy made his own jumper

When this driver decided to jazz up their car

These twenty-something brothers who have been decorating the tree this way since they were little

When this mum got real about making her child behave

This family’s annual Christmas family photo

This guy’s decorations that got the fire brigade involved

These parents who couldn’t wait to give their daughter her desired ‘nose ring’

The kid who convinced their parents they’d be fine by themselves in LA by sending them this

This postman who wanted to send a Christmas thanks

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All images via Imgur

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Emmy Griffiths
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