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11 Reasons Why The Game of Thrones: The Exhibition Is Every Fan's Dream Come True

by Emmy Griffiths ,
11 Reasons Why The Game of Thrones: The Exhibition Is Every Fan's Dream Come True

The exhibition is dark and full of terrors...just kidding, it's AMAZING.

1. You choose a house before you go in

We went with Starks (because obviously) and got a little message from Arya, so be sure to choose wisely!

2. You see that the costumes have ALL the details

There is no expense spared on the costumes which, as you probably can imagine, are stunning and intricate in ways we're not sure you can even see in the episodes. We were in awe.

3. You get to play with the Mountain’s sword

The sword is 5"4 and therefore almost as tall as most of us, but look likes practically nothing when held by the Mountain actor, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.

4. You try to guess how tiny Emilia Clarke is by this tiny costume

Girl is TINY. You also have to refrain from requesting to try her stuff on, tempting as it may be.

5. The shop is OUTSTANDING

It has everything you could EVER want. Hand of the King pins, Greyjoy tshirts, maps of Westeros, figurines. We had our eye on the travel bag ourselves! Either way, if you can't make it to the exhibition you can shop to your heart's content here.

6. You get to look over the edge of The Wall, and it’s TERRIFYING

In a 4D experience, you hop into The Wall's elevator and ascend until you are peering over the edge of the Wall. Despite knowing your feets are firmly planted in the O2 arena, this doesn't stop you from proverbially bricking it. We had a new found respect for the Men of the Nights Watch anyway.

7. You are turned into a White Walker

Do your most formidable zombie pose into the camera and be changed into a White Walker to share with your friends (or keep it a secret till your grave, your choice).

8. You get totally Dracarys’d

You can also get a video of you being burned alive by one of Daenerys's dragons. Dracarys bitches!

9. You get the utter THRILL of sitting on the Iron Throne

Just be sure to think long and hard at just what pose you'd like to try before you sit on the Iron Throne. We look far, FAR too pleased to be there.

10. You see dead characters costumes that bring up ALL of the emotions

Sniff, we will always love you Oberyn. At least your on point fashion sense will never die.

11. You basically get to totally geek out and no one minds

Cosplayers, men wearing 'Sorry ladies, I'm in the Night's Watch' t-shirts and all other variables: this is where you belong.

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her about Game of Thrones @emmyfg!

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