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25 Jokes Only Lord of the Rings Fans Will Find Funny

by Emmy Griffiths ,
25 Jokes Only Lord of the Rings Fans Will Find Funny© wlloyd019.wordpress.com

We so Gladriel that these were made...(the puns get better, we swear.)

1. Wizard bants.


3. Even elves can make Dad jokes

4. #brushingteethproblems

5. The Shard looks familiar...

6. Throwback to Maths homework.

7. This shouldn't be funny. And yet...

8. When Mean Girl meets LOTR, magic happens.

9. Scumbag Frodo

10. Elvin click bait

11. Frodo messes up

12. When signing up to a new site

13. They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!

14. Shopping for Christmas trees...

15. Expectation vs. reality

16. The best Santa has EVER looked.

17. Yes.

18. Sheer happiness meets relief!

19. Greatest movie entrance, ever.

20. One pun to rule them all

21. And you thought Gandalf couldn't get cooler!

22. He's misunderstood.

23. Geography pun fun.

24. Not far. I didn't walk far.

25. If LOTR was made today.

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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Geek out with her @emmyfg!​

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