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24 Important Moments From The Game Of Thrones Cast In Real Life

by Emmy Griffiths ,
24 Important Moments From The Game Of Thrones Cast In Real Life© Getty

In Westeros, there isn't a single character who isn't having a bit of a rough time. Amongst hand amputations, slaughters of entire families and a cheeky bit of patricide, the characters playing the Game Of Thrones unsurprisingly rarely crack a smile. However, in the outside world the cast of Game of Thrones are having the BEST time...

Cersei and Merry from LOTR just chillin'

Crossover fan fiction anyone?


It's unnatural! Unnatural I say!

Tyrion and Cersei actually enjoying each other's company

To be fair, we love Lena Headey as much we hate Cersei.

Ned Stark and Cersei fooling around on the Iron Throne

They could have ruled together...they could have made it work!

Joffrey and Sansa getting along

She was too tall for him anyway. Move on girl!

Tywin Lannister smiling

We're very afraid right now.

Jaime and Brienne looking longingly into each other's eyes AS NATURE INTENDED.


Brienne in an honest-to-God dress

And looking incredible might we add!

Perhaps most shockingly, Jon Snow SMILING.

Not so glum once you get him away from the Wall!

Jorah Mormant rockin that porntasche

Make. It. Stop.

Missandei contemplating life with a banana

The night is dark and full of bananas...

Tyrion on his scooter

Smashing it.

Jon Snow with a cheeky coffee

Only Kit Harington could find a Starbucks in the middle of bleak Icelandic terrain.

Robb and Jon looking spiffy

Someone has Mad Men cameos planned...

Hungover Sansa

After her wedding night with Tyrion? Thinking out loud...

Theon and Ramsay, side by side

Look at them all getting along!

Tyrion with freaking Snoop Dogg

The man is a fan.

Cersei spending some quality time with Joffrey

All happy and normal and not inbred!

Sansa recreating her UCF (ugly crying face)

As stunning as Sophie Turner is, this will be burned into our minds from now until forever.

Joffrey out on the lash

The King can do as he likes! Which in case is getting absolutely sh*tfaced.

Jon Snow hating his commute like the rest of us

"Everyone knew what this place was, and no one told me." You and us both Jon. You and us both.

The Hound tries a selfie

#Instahound #Nofilter

Half of Westeros chilling in a photo booth

We wonder if any of these will survive to the end? Just to ruin a fun moment...

Tywin and Cersei spending some father-daughter quality time

If Tywin was like this as a father, they wouldn't have nearly so many problems.

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