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19 Most Hilarious Moments From Channel 4’s Fresh Meat

by Emmy Griffiths ,
19 Most Hilarious Moments From Channel 4’s Fresh Meat© Channel 4

Fresh Meat is back for its fourth and final season tonight, and we're already a little devastated that it's so near the end. The adventures of the gang living in the student house from hell perfectly summed up the realities of being a student thrown in with a bunch of random strangers, and has been pretty much hilarious doing it. Here are our favourite moments from the show so far...

When Kingsley tried to use Harry Potter analogies to boot JP out of the house

When Howard had a meltdown

When Vod summed up what we'd like our lives to be

When JP was confused about his sexuality

Josie's borderline obsession with dental hygiene

Every awkward moment with Sabine

When everyone found out Kingsley was a still a virgin

Howard's weird lovability

When Vod told some home truths about Howard

Every time JP out-poshed himself

Especially the time she dressed up as Hannah Montana

Oregan's messed up relationship with her professor

When Vod found out Oregan was a compulsive liar

When the house called out Kingsley's new girlfriend

When JP accused the house of being prejudiced against his money

JP's beautiful way with words

When Josie tried to put Kingsley off her friend by coming up with X-rated BS

When JP couldn't handle his friend coming out as gay

When Vod had a brilliant comeback line

What is your favourite moment from the show? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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