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Invaluable Dating Lessons We Learnt From Friends

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Invaluable Dating Lessons We Learnt From Friends© Pinterest

If watching reruns of Friends on E4 (and then Comedy Central) taught us anything over the past decade, it is which dating taboos you should stay away from AT ALL COSTS. Our poor Friends girls Monica, Phoebe and Rachel go through the mill before they find their perfect Mr Rights, so for every person who's dated a guy who a. has severe rage issues, b. shot a bird in front of you or c. drove you crazy with his annoying antics, this is for you. Friends should have taught you better!


The One Who Is Too Young For You – Tag

Tag is adorable but sadly too young for Rachel. The two broke up when Rachel realised was in no ways ready for the commitment that she was ready for. Sometimes being a cougar isn’t a good idea.


The One With One Fatal Flaw – Pete

If you have a handsome, funny and intelligent boyfriend who also happens to be a millionaire, let’s hope you don’t have to deal with one major, all eclipsing problem, like if he wants to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion. It’s seriously not worth it.


The One Who Doesn’t Respect Your Beliefs – Gary

If it is a well-known fact that you love all animals and your boyfriend shoots a bird in front of you because of its merry cheeping, it’s time to let it GO.


The One Who Just Isn’t The One – Barry

Rachel nearly married Barry before she realised he just wasn’t the one for her. She showed us that you don’t need to stay in something if it doesn’t feel quite right!


The One Who Needs To Grow Up – Chip

Monica got excited when she had a date with her high school crush, Chip Matthews. But Chip hadn’t moved on since then, and dating someone who still has a part time job and lives at home with his parents? Noooo thank you.


The One Who Is Just Too Annoying – Parker

Sometimes someone might be absolutely delightful, but you still can’t be with them because OMG SO ANNOYING.


The One Who Flirts With Your Mates – Paulo

Paulo was strong and sexy (and Italian, wink wink), but there is NO excuse for hitting on your mates.


The One Who Enjoys His Drink A Little Too Much – Fun Bobby

Fun Bobby is the best (he’s called fun Bobby for crying out loud), but unfortunately this is because he’s always a little bit drunk, and that’s never good! Friends advice? Don’t go out with someone who loves their booze more than you, it’ll never end well!


The One That Chooses Their Career Over You – David

It’s a sad but necessary truth that sometimes careers can pull people apart, and there’s nothing to do when that happens but let go. Sad face.


The One Who Thinks You’re Moving Too Fast – Joshua

Rachel definitely tries to go a leetle too quickly for Joshua’s taste. If this taught us anything, it was to NOT propose to your partner after four dates. Don’t be that person. That crazy person.


The One Who Wants Different Things – Richard

Richard seemed perfect in every way, but sadly he’d already been married and had kids, and just wasn’t prepared to do it all again with Monica (until three years later when it was WAY too late, the idiot). But Monica knew (as should we) that if you want something you shouldn’t have to compromise!


The One With Rage Issues - Tommy

How could you possibly date someone who has a quick temper? What if someone sits in your seats? What if you accidentally spill coffee on them? What if your pet chick poops in their hand? Yeah, Tommy was the worst.


The One Who Your Friends Like More Than You – Alan

If you’re trying to make your mind up about someone and your friends love love LURVE them, it makes it pretty hard to make a fair decision. Monica goes with her gut (that Alan wasn’t right for her), and her friends were devastated.


The One Who Is Too Long-Distance – Phoebe

OMIGOD IT’S CHARLIE SHEEN BEFORE HE WENT CRAZY. Unfortunately for Pheobs, pre-tiger blood Charlie was in the Marines and could only pop home every few months. It makes the time you have together much more important we suppose, and creates romantic situations (like catching chicken pox so you can be together) but still, it’s never easy saying goodbye!


The One Who Is The Perfect Mr Right!

The most important thing to remember about dating is not to despair! You and your Mr Right will find each other eventually, even if you have to go on some truly heinous dates first!

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Emmy Griffiths
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