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Jamie Laing AND Louise Thompson leaving Made In Chelsea?

by Alison Potter ,
Jamie Laing AND Louise Thompson leaving Made In Chelsea?© E4

Made In Chelsea fans would agree that the most recent few series of the hit E4 reality show have been better than ever before. But it seems like the high drama might be getting to several of the cast members, as rumours are flying that both Jamie Laing and Louise Thompson are at breaking point. Reports claim that they are considering walking away from the hit reality show for good – no guys don’t do it!

Jamie Laing’s friendship with his main ‘boi’ Spencer Matthews is in the toilet and apparently he’s feeling so down about it that he’s ready to talk away from Made In Chelsea.

The pair have been fighting over Spencer’s ex-girlfriend Lucy Watson, who Jamie has apparently been seeing on the sly behind his bestie’s back.

Spenny was so angry that he threw a drink in the peroxide-headed posh boy’s face and according to sources they no longer speak outside of the show.

An insider tells Heat magazine: “After falling out with Spencer, Jamie doesn’t know if being part of the show is worth it any more.

“Besides, he’s been doing it since series two and he really doesn’t need the money. The whole cast agree this series has been the best ever, but all the drama has taken it out if them emotionally.”

Similarly Louise Thompson has had a rough time of it lately, jumping from one bad relationship to another.

First she was with cheating lothario Spencer Matthews and then she moved on with Andy Jordan.

But the pair had a messy break up (which got even messier!) after it was revealed that Louise had apparently cheated on Andy with a certain blonde One Direction star (cough-Niall-cough) and he had also been “hooking up” with other girls behind her back.

A friend of Louise’s revealed to Star magazine: “Louise wonders if she should just quit the programme altogether.

“Louise has had to deal with genuine hatred every day. Sometimes it feels as if Made In Chelsea has ruined her life.”

As well as backlash about her disastrous relationships – seriously Louise should buy shares in Kleenex – Louise recently came under fire for having a ‘thigh-gap’ liposuction procedure.

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Louise Thompson and Spencer Matthews © E4
Louise Thompson and Spencer Matthews
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