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10 Times JK Rowling Was The Best Person On Twitter

by Pascale Day Published on 13/07/2016 at 17:45
10 Times JK Rowling Was The Best Person On Twitter © Getty Images

If there's anyone who knows how to shut down a hater, it's JK Rowling. Seriously, if you ever need clap back inspiration, JK's your gal. Not only does she reply to the Harry Potter fans, answering some of their burning questions about Hogwarts and beyond, but she also thinks of some brilliant comebacks to some Twitter users who use their 140 characters for hate, not love. Here's some of our top JK Rowling moments on Twitter.

If you ever thought it was a good idea to challenge JK Rowling, think again. It's a battle you are guaranteed to lose, my friend. Because not only does the author have a wickedly brilliant sense of humour and a solid moral compass, but if you're being out of line, she's not afraid to tell you what she thinks. Yep, when Ms Rowling isn't dishing out pearls of wisdom, she has no qualms in taking down a troll or two.

Inspiring quotes from JK Rowling © Getty Images
Inspiring quotes from JK Rowling

So whether it's an epic burn or a a clever pun, we're celebrating JK at her tip top Twitter best.

1. When she reacted to Neville Longbottom's raunchy photoshoot

2. When she shut down this guy who judged the way she voted in the Scottish referendum

3. The time she stood up for Madonna after she fell from the stage during the Brit awards

4. When she eloquently shut down a hater who bashed Serena Williams

5. When she turned to rap to win this argument

6. This epic burn

7. When she teased Ross Noble about his silly teenager hair

8. When we scoffed along with her response to this tweet about Harry's kids' names

9. When she tweeted this great piece of advice

10. When she could not stress enough that The Cursed Child is not a prequel

What's your favourite JK Rowling tweet of all time? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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