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Justin Bieber’s mum Pattie hits out at his tattoos and moustache

by Alison Potter Published on 9 December 2013
Justin Bieber’s mum Pattie hits out at his tattoos and moustache© Getty

Ouch. Isn’t your mother supposed to love you unconditionally? Well Justin Bieber’s mum has a few things about her pop superstar son that she would gladly change. Pattie Mallette took part in a candid Q&A session on Twitter where she revealed a whole host of things about our favourite – but often naughty – Canadian pop star. Including how she hates his moustache and has mixed feelings about his tattoos.

Justin Bieber’s mum Pattie Mallette has opened up about her chart-topping son in a very candid question and answer session on Twitter.

She initiated the chat herself, tweeting out to her nearly three million followers: “Ok ready for a random #askpattie session?”

Immediately legions of Justin’s dedicated fanbase began inundating the 37-year-old celebrity parent with questions about their pop idol.

One fan quizzed Pattie on her opinion about the 19-year-old’s rapidly growing collection of body art – he supposedly has over 20 tattoos now – to which she replied: “I wish he didn't have tattoos but I do like them. I'm torn. Weird right?”

​Although Pattie tried to stay impartial about the Biebs' tattoos, she was much more frank about his new facial hair, admitting: “Um, please honey @justinbieber shave that moustache fuzzy thing above ur lip. #iloveyoubut #itsgottago xoxo.”

Justin Bieber © Instagram
Justin Bieber

Since splitting with long-term girlfriend Selena Gomez – who recently got in trouble for displaying some Bieber-esque bad behaviour – Justin has stayed resolutely single and his mum reveals that she’s in no rush for grandkids.

When asked if she would like a granddaughter or grandson, Pattie writes: “Ahhh omg could u imagine me a Grandma already!? Hopefully that's a long way in the future!”

She also gave some insight into the Confident singer’s childhood, revealing that Justin's first word was “money” instead of “mommy” and one of her favourite memories with her son was “Bedtimes. I would tuck him in, read to him, pray with him & talk & giggle sometimes for an hour or more. *sigh. I miss that!”

Lately her son has hit headlines for his bad behaviour – which most recently involved receiving a verbal warning for abusive language, after Australian customs officials busted a member of his entourage for possessing weed.

Although Pattie doesn’t mention his controversial behaviour specifically, there are clues at the tension in their relationship.

Talking about her upcoming projects, which include producing film and TV, Pattie adds that she will “support JB as much as he’ll let me.”

Like a typical mum, she does however gush that “the most beautiful thing” that has happened to her is definitely Justin, whom she gave birth to when she was just 18-years-old.

Aww we wonder what Justin said when he saw his mum’s Twitter feed?!

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Alison Potter
Alison Potter - Published on 9 December 2013
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