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Justin Bieber tattoo: Singer gets his mother's eye inked on his arm

by Francesca Menato ,
Justin Bieber tattoo: Singer gets his mother's eye inked on his arm© Twitter

Justin Bieber's been making headlines again for his lewd and crazy behaviour and now it seems he'll always have his mother watching his every move. The teen star has got himself a new tattoo on his inner elbow of a giant eye, and not just any eye - it's apparently his mother's. How sweet...

Justin Bieber has a new addition to his tattoo collection - a giant picture of his mother's arm on his forearm!

Sweet or creepy, you can decide.

It seems if you're a teen star, getting ridiculous tatts comes with the job description - unless of course you're clean cut Niall Horan.

The 19-year-old unveiled his new ink on his Instagram page yesterday with the caption: “@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching .”

We're guessing she didn't know what he had planned - surely she couldn't have been happy with it...

With Justin's recent behaviour, it seems the eye may be an effort to put him back on the straight and narrow.

Although, presumably, "mom is always watching"...unless you wear a long sleeve.

This is thought to be Justin's 16th addition to his body art collection.

Other designs include a tiger, a vision of Jesus and an owl, a castle and the word 'believe'.

It seems it will take a little more than a picture of his mum's eye to set this guy back on track.

He's been involved in various traffic incidents of late and memorably was recently filmed peeing in a mop bucket.

And despite advice from his camp to distance himself from pals Lil Twist and Lil Za, he has refused to turn his back on them.

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