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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Want To Make A Movie Based On Their Lives

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Want To Make A Movie Based On Their Lives© Getty

Like many people who have achieved momentous and fantastic achievements in their lives, it has recently transpired that Kim Kardashian, made famous by her friendship with Paris Hilton and a leaked sex tape, and Kanye West, the self-proclaimed proud non-reader of books, are in talks to make a film based on their lives. Smh guys. SMDH.

According to the Daily Star Sunday, a senior executive from Universal isn't exactly expecting miracles from the movie that apparently three movie studios are already battling over. They said they: “doubt we are talking about an Oscar-worthy production of high artistic merit”.

That’s weird since we really thought the love story of Kimye would be up there with other biopics such as The Theory of Everything and Lincoln in terms of personal struggle and historical importance. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

According to an insider, Kim is already planning who will play her big-booty alter-ego on screen. The source shared: "[She] has Sofia Vergara or Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in mind. Both girls fit the bill in the boobs and butt departments, although whoever ends up playing Kim will probably need prosthetic bum enhancements to really look the part."

Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks, we love you both. Don't do this.

However, it sounds like the "hyper-excited" Kim is the only one jumping for joy at the idea of the story of her and her hubby's lives that is sure to at least win the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, while Kanye West isn't as keen.

However, the source is sure he'll: "come round to the idea of a biopic, but like Kim, he's bound to be picky about who will play him on the big screen."

How about no one plays him on the big screen as the public rise up and refuse to allow this to happen? Can that be an option? Can we get a Kickstarter campaign going? SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

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