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10 Times Kim Kardashian’s Problems Were Way Worse Than Yours

by Emmy Griffiths ,
10 Times Kim Kardashian’s Problems Were Way Worse Than Yours© Getty

Kim Kardashian has had a really hard life and has had to face some difficult problems. You wouldn't understand. Here are all the problems of Kim K that are WAY worse than yours...

That time she was so mad because she found a selfie she liked and it was too late to put it in her selfies book

That time she had to sort through thousands of selfies

That time she lost her $75,000 diamond earring

And her world ended. That earring was really special ok. It cost more money that most of us will ever have in our bank accounts. God that's depressing.


That time she had a photo shoot and it was a hell of a day

Damn, a long day on a 9-5 shift for Kim!

That time she divorced her husband after 72 days

Yes you did waste everyone's money on a sham marriage Kim. Yes.

That time her sister woke her up


That time she couldn't get her handbag back

This was totally uncalled for. Like, why is that woman refusing to give Kim her bag back? SO RUDE.


That time these little fishes ate her feet and she literally couldn't handle it

No wonder she's crying she's literally being eaten alive!

That time she was nude on the cover of a magazine

She posed nude then she was upset because the pictures were nude. Kim is nothing if not logical.

That time her sister ruined her moment for her

When we got our Bentleys our happiness wasn't ruined. Poor Kim.

When she cried more because people were laughing at her cry face

Why can't you all be supportive?! HUH?!

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