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Kim Kardashian faces backlash over ‘inappropriate’ swimsuit selfie

by Alison Potter ,
Kim Kardashian faces backlash over ‘inappropriate’ swimsuit selfie© Instagram

Kim Kardashian is famous for her insane curves and bootylicious backside. After the birth of her daughter North in July, the reality star has been hard at work honing her post-pregnancy body, so it’s no surprise that she’s keen to show off her progress. But after uploading a rather racy swimsuit selfie, Kanye West’s girlfriend was surprised by the insane backlash from those who think it’s high time the new mum covered up.

Kim Kardashian uploaded a snap of her post-pregnancy body to Instagram, showing off her gravity-defying booty in a tight white swimsuit.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was clearly feeling proud of her hard work in the gym with A-list celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and her dedication to the Atkins diet.

But what she didn’t anticipate was the attention – mainly negative – that she would receive from those who think it’s high time the new mum covered up.

Kim gave birth to baby Nori in July and while she’s tried hard to get her body back to normal as quickly as possible, many have slammed the reality star for publicly sharing the “inappropriate” snap.

One Twitter user named Lauren wrote: “Kim Kardashian you are a MOTHER now I don't think posting pictures of your *ss on Instagram is appropriate”.

Another added: “Okay I’m sorry but Kim Kardashian has a kid now, her sl*t days should be well and truly over.”

Others took to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to comment that Kim’s sexy swimsuit selfie was “nasty”, “disgusting,” some even went as far as to say that her rear looked “nauseatingly huge.”

But despite the wide outpouring of disgust from her fans, one person clearly loved the risqué iPhone pic.

Kanye West, her boyfriend and the father of her newborn baby daughter North, immediately re-posted the snap on his Twitter page and wrote: “HEADING HOME NOW.”

Do you think Kim needs to tone it down now that she’s a mum? Tweet us @SofeminineUK.

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