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Louis Tomlinson swears at fans as other 1D boys appear on sexy online chat room

by Francesca Menato ,
Louis Tomlinson swears at fans as other 1D boys appear on sexy online chat room© Getty

Louis Tomlinson is no stranger to a confrontation and this time it's the fans, rather than the boys in The Wanted feeling the wrath of moody Louis. The 1D hunk was spotted giving some abusive fans the finger after they hurled insults at his girlfriend. Meanwhile some of the other boys have been spotted getting cheeky online.

Being the girlfriend of a member of One Direction has got to be hard, between the death threats and Twitter insults there's a lot to handle.

Louis Tomlinson's long term girlfriend Eleanor Calder has been coping with the abuse for a long time now.

But just recently the pair were spotted in Montreal, Canada and Louis had had enough.

After listening to Directioners hurling abuse at his little lady the 21-year-old stuck his hand out of the window of their car and gave his fans the finger.

He did still have a lot of love for the fans - those who weren't shouting at his girlfriend - taking to Twitter later to thank everyone for their support.

It's not all doom and gloom, some lucky 1D fans have been treated to a surprise glimpse of the boys online, on the saucy site Chatroulette.

According to The Daily Star: “The randy lads have signed up to Chatroulette, a site that pairs strangers from around the world.

“However, the mucky website is rarely used for just chatting. If you care to log on and find out for yourselves, expect to see naked folk doing sordid things in darkened rooms.”

A source for the paper told them: “I was at a party with a group of girlfriends; we were all drinking and flirting with lads online.

“Suddenly Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction popped up.

“They looked a bit tipsy and were blowing kisses and dancing to some music down the webcam."

Sadly, “They were fully clothed but seemed to be really enjoying themselves. We were trying to get them to take their tops off.

“We never expected to see them online. It made our night.”

We think that would make more than just a night for some people - we're predicting a mass sign-up to Chatroulette.

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