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Matt Damon Has A Ponytail And We Don't Know How We Feel

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Matt Damon Has A Ponytail And We Don't Know How We Feel© via Mashable

Does it look good? Does it look heinous? Can someone tell us what to believe in, or how to feel? Anyone?!

Matt Damon has debuted a new ponytail, and we have become somewhat mesmerised, bewildered and struck by it.

Does it make him hotter, or is it the worst thing to happen to celebrity hair since Zayn dyed his hair green? How on earth does he keep that thick mane all held back?

We suspect he is using a strong hair bobble, maybe even two. Not even a strand is escaping his perfect ponytail. He may even be using brylcreem to help with the effect. What isn't he telling us?

Behold it in all of it's confusing glory:

So...is this good? Is his hair good?

Good Will Hunting? Good Will HAIRing more like! (I'm so sorry).

Look how it curls into his neck. Is it Ocean's 11 good or Ocean's 13 bad? SOMEONE HELP US MAKE A DECISION!

Fortunately, it looks like we're not the only people to be confused by the new do:

And of course it wasn't long before it was turned into a meme!

What do you think of Matt Damon's pretty ponytail? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Emmy Griffiths
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