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30 Things Men Wish Women Knew: The Secret of What Men Want - REVEALED

by Vivian KELLY ,
30 Things Men Wish Women Knew: The Secret of What Men Want - REVEALED© Getty Images

Having trouble relating to your beau? Don’t understand why you're always clashing? Being the opposite sex is complicated enough as it is, but if we made the effort to communicate our needs things could be a whole lot dandier in our love lives. So we set out to speak to ALL kinds of guys to learn what us women need to know most about the male mind! And it was pretty damn insightful...

Sure, confidence is hot, chivalry is not dead and crying WILL freak him out but what about the other things men really wish us ladies knew?

After compiling 25 things women wish men knew, we thought it was only fair to draw up a list for the guys in our life. Because after all, most of us can’t figure them out anyway.

Men don't tend to express themselves as well as women, so we got chatting to men across the country to get their real-life insights on the male way of thinking. Essentially, we gave them their turn. What do men WISH us girls knew?

Everything from our untimely periods to how much they really watch porn, ladies, here are 30 universal truths all women need to know NOW.

1. Support our team (at least)

No man wants a rolling-eyed GF when it comes to watching the game. If you appreciate sport and support his team (even if you have to pretend) he’ll love you that much more for it. Trust.

2. Learn how to give a hand job - the right way

Sure it feels good, but you’re still not getting him there. Quit thinking you’re going to hurt him. Guys like it when girls are more aggressive. They said it, not us.

3. Nagging

Women are generally more expressive than men, but that doesn't mean we’re entitled to moan and b*tch all the time! Quit nagging him for unnecessary things or you'll push him away.

4. “I’m Bloated”

We’re all about being open here, but some things you should keep to yourself. He doesn’t want to know about it. OK?

5. Dressing up

Don’t bother asking your man if he likes what you’re wearing. Firstly, they never know what the right answer is and secondly, he’s always going to say yes (unless he wants a war)!

6. Have self respect

A bit of self-dignity and self-confidence in who you are and what you want is HOT. If you can’t respect yourself, he won't respect you.

7. Don't act cray

A combination of paranoia, selfishness and impatience can make a woman act in strange psychotic ways. Don't be the psycho GF.

8. Don’t be weak

When things get tough try to be emotionally strong. Sure, your man wants to take care of you and support you, but not to the point that he’s nothing but a babysitter! Besides, when you do get upset he’ll take you A LOT more seriously if you’re not crying all time.

9. Be natural

Men like it when girls doll up, but believe it or not, they love it even more when you’re natural. Hair down, makeup free and not a care in the world - that’s when you're most beautiful.

10. Not all men are pro-anal

Not all guys are interested in anal. So you’ve had a few bad experiences with men poking their fingers up your bum, but that's not to say they're all into it. That's a myth us girls need to learn.

11. Threesomes

Yes, men will think about having a threesome with you and another women, but they don't expect you to act upon it. It’s a fantasy - chill out.

12. Other girls…

Not always, but sometimes, men will picture other girls when they think about or have sex. Again, it’s a male thing. Don't take it too seriously.

13. PornHub, RedTube - all men watch porn!

Expect an average of three to four times a week. When he’s busy or in a relationship it might be as little as once a week. Why? For a quickie! All men have needs.

14. Men love fantasy films

Most men secretly like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. You must have working knowledge of Luke Skywalker, Frodo and Daenerys Targaryen. Deal with it.

15. Surprise him with lingerie

Make sure to buy some sexy lingerie from time to time. Whether it’s a babydoll, garter slip, teddy, or new two-piece it's gonna drive him CRAZY.

16. His mum comes first

Sorry ladies - you can’t always be the #1 woman in his life. She carried him, gave birth to him and raised the man - there’s no competition here. Instead of acting like she’s your worst enemy try to make an effort with her. Your man will notice.

17. The off side rule

Learn it. No questions asked.


18. Men are clueless when it comes to periods

Don't expect your man to know what type of pill you’re taking or whether your menstrual cycle is 'normal'. It’s all foreign to him so if he's acting like what you’re saying isn't a big deal it’s because most of the time he doesn’t really know what you’re on about. So much that…

19. They don’t mind having sex with you while you’re on

Yup, most guys don’t really care if you've got your period as long as they get the goods. Failing that, ”red day is head day”, right?

20. You're always leaving the toilet seat down

Men put up the toilet seat. End of. If you find the seat up, get over it and put it down. It's not worth fighting over.

21. Sleeping on his chest

Men love it when they feel like they’re protecting you. And believe it or not, they do like a cuddle!

22. Don’t bitch about your girlfriends

Your man doesn’t care about how little your friend eats when you go out for dinner or how cheap her dress looked last night. Sorry, he really doesn't. Save it.

23. Men secretly love when you buy him clothes

Take advantage girl! Otherwise he'll still be wearing his tracksuit bottoms from 1997. Do you really want to be seen with that?

24. Make an effort with his mates

We’ll never be as witty or rude, but creating banter and making an effort with the boys is a massive bonus for him.

25. Guys love ponytails

It’s a myth to think that every man favours a women’s hair down. Sure it’s beautiful, but guys also like it when your hair's pulled back and away from your face. An easy messy bun it is then!

26. They love kisses

Those little kisses you trail down his neck and chest? He. Loves. It.

27. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

We’re not asking you to be the stereotypical housewife here, but any man (as any women) loves it when their partner whips up their favourite dish for them.

28. Men like to show off their strength

So yes, it’s OK to yell for him to kill a spider or ask if he minds helping you carry boxes up the stairs. He wants to do it for you.

29. They love your orgasm face

Sweaty? Red? And scrunched up? Watching you orgasm is like watching a football hit the back of the net (not to mention, a BIG ego boost for him). Guys love it when you're enjoying yourself.

30. Chillax

Men don’t like women who are constantly stressed out and anxious. Relax and try to be laid back about things. It’s never the end of the world.

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