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There's Now A Pre-poo Air Freshener and We're Not Sure How To Feel About It

by Lareese Craig ,
There's Now A Pre-poo Air Freshener and We're Not Sure How To Feel About It

If you have ever been caught in the bathroom doing your business, more specifically your number two business, while a colleague lingers outside awaiting their fate, then you'll know all about the poo panic. The panic and realisation that someone who works with you everyday, will now know you poo. Well apparently there's a solution out there that'll spare us the code brown office shame and it's called V.I.Poo...

Apparently you can never have too many products to disguise a poop nowadays, oh no. Forget a casual spray and waft after you've dropped the kids off at the pool, the real solution to nailing the perfect undetectable doo-doo is all in the prep. Like makeup, you need to start by sealing the base, or in this case, the bog.

Introducing Air Wick's V.I.Poo - the pre-poo spray that makes pooping in public embarrassment free by sealing the toilet bowl with the scent of fresh sprigs of lavender, lemon, florals and fruits. Deeeelicious.

The proactive odour protection gets to work before any of the nasty smells associated with ya know, doing it, have a chance to escape and violate yours or Linda-from-the-finance-department's nostrils. That's right, all the offensive smells stay firmly in the bowl where they belong.


Now, while we understand that nature doesn't always call at the most appropriate time and that, true, Linda from the finance department may well know your bowel movements better than you know them yourself BUT was post-poo air freshener not doing a good enough job as it is? Must we be so embarrassed about the P word that we're to try and cover up our colon crimes at every stage now? And if that is the case, then we'll wait with bated breath for the in-transit spray that we can whip out during the process too. Forgive our SOH, but it's all got a little much in our humble opinion.

And they're not the only ones capitalising on our pooping habits, last year Tesco started selling mulled wine toilet roll to make sure your Christmas was not a crappy one. Whatever next!

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Lareese Craig
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