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16 Times Prince George Made Our Ovaries HURT in 2014

by Emmy Griffiths ,
16 Times Prince George Made Our Ovaries HURT in 2014© Getty

Prince George popped out of the Palace a few times this year and stole our hearts as the cutest most chubby cheeked little future King of England. If anything needed to convince you to go into motherhood, it's this little fella and his sweater vests! Here are Prince George's CUTEST moments from this year...

When he saw a Bilby and no one has ever been more excited about anything

When he went off on one and Kate just laughed at him

When he was DONE with New Zealand

When his Prince Daddy gave him a kiss and it was too much to handle

When he gave serious side eye to the peasants below

When he couldn't understand what he'd done to upset this child

When he went to see the butterflies with his mama and papa

When he just really, REALLY loved Kate

When he was suitably unimpressed by this blue teddy

When he decided he wanted to go back to the Bilby

When he and Kate practised their model poses

When he just wanted to play without the immense pressure of his future crown resting upon him

When he REALLY wasn't impressed by this lady

When he posed on the steps of his Palace and we all just DIED RIGHT THERE.

Such chubby jowls!


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