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Remember Lavender Brown From Harry Potter? Turns Out She's An Artist Nowadays

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Remember Lavender Brown From Harry Potter? Turns Out She's An Artist Nowadays

We thought that we'd seen the last of Lavender Brown in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, when she was, you know, being eaten by that werewolf. But turns out that Jessie Cave is not just thriving as an actor but also as a pretty awesome artist, and her sketches are hilarious!

Since graduating Hogwarts (oh wait no, she was eaten in the courtyard by Fenrir Greyback #woops), Ron's ex Lavender Brown (or we could just call her by her real name, the fabulously talented Jessie Cave), has appeared in a host of films and TV shows, and has now released a comic book called LoveSick and it is simply adorable. But before we get to the cute stuff, look how she's changed!

Her new comic, LoveSick, is a compilation of doodles that pretty much sum up how it feels to be a girl in her twenties who just wants more than 11 likes on her Instagram photos. Check them out...

1. All we want in a man

2. Our Instalives

3. The future dull erotica author

4. The modern day confusion

5. The subtle hint

6. The grasping at straws

7. The awkward date

8. The argumentative

9. The big ask

10. The shrug-off

12. The hipsters

13. The modern day romance

We have to say, we LOVE it! Did you enjoy Jessie's work? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Emmy Griffiths
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