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Russell Brand sparks racial, religious and political slanging match at GQ Awards

by Francesca Menato ,
Russell Brand sparks racial, religious and political slanging match at GQ Awards© Getty

Russell Brand probably feels like he's had a bad night if he hasn't offended at least one person in the room. Well, at the GQ Awards he offended so many he wasn't invited to the after party. Taking a risk - that did not pay off - Russell made a jibe about Nazis - giving way to a host of Jewish backlash from other celebs taking to the stage.

Russell Brand's controversial acceptance speech at the GQ Awards this week sparked a night filled with verbal barbs.

The long-haired comedian won the Oracle award and left audiences wincing when he reminded them that the sponsor of the night's events - Hugo Boss - had elements of their history of which they may not be too proud.

He pointed out that the menswear designer was behind the SS uniforms in Nazi Germany.

He told the crowd: “If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis. But they looked f***ing amazing.”

Writer Of The Year winner Charles Moore was clearly put out by Russell's comments and decided to hit back in his own speech - highlighting the comedian's phone scandal in 2008.

The yoga lover notoriously mocked Andrew Sachs of Faulty Towers fame by calling him live on the radio and leaving inappropriate messages about his granddaughter.

As Charles accepted his award he said: “I was very interested when Russell Brand praised the stylishness of the Nazis, because of course that fits with the fact that they persecuted the Sachs in the 1930s when Andrew was a young man, and his family fled to this country.

“And then he was persecuted by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross in their disgusting telephone call.”

Well, there's one man who was not amused.

Later, Jewish American actor Jeremy Piven also expressed his distaste for Russ' WWII gaff.

He presented the award for TV Personality Of The Year and took the opportunity on stage to say: “This event is going on longer than my bar mitzvah, and I’ve been sitting in the corner sweating like a Hebrew slave.

“So thank you Russell, for pointing out the people that killed six million of my people.”

And it wasn't just the Jewish contingent up in arms - the stage was set for speaking your mind and the politicos had their turn too.

Roger Daltrey attacked the London Mayor Boris Johnson - who won Politician Of The Year for the third time.

He took his chance at the mic and said: “When I was listening to Boris’s speech I was reminded of the wonderful lyric that I sang when I was 19 years old, ‘I hope I die before I get old’.”

Then musician and Icon award winner Noel Gallagher got in on the action, drawing cheers from the audience when he took a swing at William Hague.

He accepted his prize and added: “It’s nice to see the Foreign Secretary here when there’s shit going on abroad that needs to be sorted out.”

What were they all drinking, Stella? Sounds like it was a rather angry crowd.

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