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Snooki Talks Gatsby Wedding Plans: A Few Ideas For Her Big Day

by Teddi Ginsberg ,
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It's hard to believe that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, of MTV'S Jersey Shore, is a mother. We all know and love her as the irresponsible one who loved to get smashed - and smush! Snooki is all grown up, and she's on her way to the altar. The bride-to-be recently blogged about her upcoming wedding, the Gatsby theme she's incorporating, and how she'll ask her nearest and dearest to be her bridesmaids.

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Snooki's getting married! Yes, it's true, and no, we can't believe it either. The not-quite-5' cutie recently blogged about her wedding plans, revealing the theme of her upcoming nuptials.

"And the countdown begins to my fall wedding!!" Snooki wrote. "I got most the important things done already, phew… But my next step is my bridesmaids! Since my theme is Gatsby, I’m asking all my bridal party to be bridesmaids soon by giving them a Gatsby goodie box!"

How cute is that?! We love when brides take the time to invite people into their bridal party in a creative way. Snooki's not divulging the deets just yet, but here are a few ideas we have for her... bridesmaids and beyond!


It's not a traditional bridesmaid dress, but let's be honest - Snooki is hardly a traditional bride! This Gatsby-esque frock would be a girlie, glamorous choice.

"My wedding colors are gold and black," Snooki wrote. These "cat eye" statement earrings would be a pretty pick for her bridesmaids.

If Snooki's looking for one more thing to add to her "goodie box", we're kind of obsessed with this Gatsby necklace set.


Snooki loves gold, and Snooki loves glitz. If we were her, we'd be all over these bad boys.


She's practically the inventor of the "pouf", and it's a Jersey wedding. Big hair is a must.


How pretty are these gold rimmed champagne bowl glasses? She may be a momma now, but we've got a feeling ol' Snooks still loves her cocktails. And after all, F. Scott Fitzgerald himself said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right."

Any predictions for Snooki's big day? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Dress via Asos.

Teddi Ginsberg
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