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Stop Everything! Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Have Gone Insta-official And It's Cringey AF

by Helen Turnbull ,
Stop Everything! Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Have Gone Insta-official And It's Cringey AF© Instagram

Rewind eight years or so and it was a Facebook announcement declaring: X is in a relationship with Y that confirmed the union of two souls. But in the era of millenials and Instagram, a picture depicting a couple is the modern-day equivalent and HiddleSwift are driving that bandwagon into cringey territory after making their joint debut on the photo-sharing app.

Unless you've been living under a rock in recent weeks, you'll be overly informed that pop's favourite girl next door Taylor Swift and British acting hunk Tom Hiddleston have joined forces to form the latest celebrity power couple.

But while both the Shake It Off singer and The Night Manager actor have so far kept very tight-lipped about their blossoming romance, they're keen to illustrate just how in love they are, despite only dating for a few weeks, as their Instagram debut proves.

Taylor and Tom - who have been creatively nicknamed HiddleSwift - appeared alongside two other couples, one of whom define #relationshipgoals, in the cringe-inducing picture which was posted on her childhood mate's accounts following their wild 4th July celebrations over the weekend.

Taylor is depicted sitting on Tom's laps with her long legs draping over his as they gaze lovingly into each other's eyes with their heads touching (!?). Alongside them, Blake Lively - who is pregnant with her second child - is cuddled by husband Ryan Reynolds and his expression can only be described as 'wanting to die'.

And finally, Taylor's long-time, non-famous friend Britany LaManna sits atop her husband Ben's lap.

Unsurprisingly, Taylor's and Tom's combined fanbase hasn't reacted well to the latest loved-up picture of the twosome with many taking to social media to sympathise with poor Ryan who is visibly embarrassed about being asked to pose like so.

What do you think? Is HiddleSwift's Insta debut cringey or cute? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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