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Tiny Baby Sings 'I Love You' To Her Mum And It Will Make Your Heart Melt

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Tiny Baby Sings 'I Love You' To Her Mum And It Will Make Your Heart Melt

If you were anything like us, when you were 15-months-old you were biting everyone and everything with your two teeth, constantly evading your parents with your mad crawling skills and screaming bloody murder every time you wanted a beaker of juice. For this lucky mum though, her 15-month-old loves telling her she loves her, and it is just adorable.

The video that sees baby girl Gemma Kate copying her mum's high pitched singing went viral as, let's face it, it is freaking precious, especially as Gemma's mum Michelle plants a kiss on her forehead every time she says it. This is parenting goals right here!


​The video was shot by daddy Dennis Nealy, who saw his wife Michelle teaching their daughter Gemma Kate how to say 'I love you' and thought it was way too adorable to keep to themselves. He said: "It's been kind of weird seeing them both on the internet all over but it was just too cute not to share...we never realised how much happiness and smiles she could bring to everyone!!" Naw!

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Emmy Griffiths
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