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Sadly, It's Time To Retire All The Leonardo DiCaprio Loser Memes

by Pascale Day ,
Sadly, It's Time To Retire All The Leonardo DiCaprio Loser Memes© We Heart It

After 23 years and five nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY won an Oscar last night. It was a momentous occasion, met with rapturous applause and a standing ovation. They didn't even cut Leo's speech short! But alas, the happy moment also brought sadness, as it marked the end of all those Leo 'loser' memes. He's a winner now guys, time to pack away those crying gifs for good.

What a bittersweet moment. Last night, as Leo kissed his ma and collected his Oscar for Best Actor in The Revenant, we could all relate to Kate Winslet as she clasped her hands together and gazed at her long-time BFF through tear-glazed eyes. We are beyond happy for Leo. But, it doesn't mean that sadly, our most loved memes can no longer be used. Leo has made redundant one of our favourite reasons to go on Twitter: the DiCaprio/Oscar meme is now dead.

On this sad occasion, we must give the Leo meme a proper send off; a beautiful goodbye to the gifs we have loved for so long. If you can handle the emotion, please press play on the song below.


Let us say goodbye to Leo's sombre internal loser monologue

To Matthew McConaughey's taunting chant


To this show of how long he's craved an Oscar


To this sad, lost face that's crying out for a hug from his mum


And this reminder of how long he's been owed one of those shiny gold men


This stretch for glory felt so loooong


Leo's let go of any hard feelings


Because there's no longer an empty space in his heart and home

But, dear friends, never fear. The Leo meme isn't dead really, it's just changed! Because now he's won we have a whole bevy of NEW memes! And these ones are so happy it's like watching him win all over again! So, now please play this song...


... And let's celebrate with the new Leo memes!

The one where even Gatsby turns up to celebrate


He can FINALLY update Facebook!

His co-stars are all super pleased for him


As are we!

Even Shia LeBouf is happy, and Shia Lebouf is never happy

There's tears we didn't notice the first time round

Just look at that chuffed face!


Now he'll never let go

Congratulations Leo!

What did you think about Leo's Oscar win? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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