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Tom Hiddleston’s Dancing Skills Are Our Favourite Thing. Period.

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 4 March 2014
Tom Hiddleston’s Dancing Skills Are Our Favourite Thing. Period.© Getty

We’re giving you a Tuesday treat: some time with Tom Hiddleston. Tom Hiddleston and his thrusting hips. Enjoy it people!

Slow dancing with Tilda Swinton

Would that we were Tilda Swinton and could dance in his skinny yet masculine arms…


Jiving in South Korea

Tom Hiddleston loves to dance. He loves his fans. His fans love watching him dance. So what did you think happened when he went to South Korea? No need to guess! We have it all right here! He’s got them moves!


Winning a dance competition with Alan Carr

Sit down Alan Carr. We don’t need you at all for this! Our favourite thing about his dancing is how he is almost always in a suit. Can we also pay attention to TV talk show host Alan Carr’s utter devotion to the Loki actor? By the end of it he was LITERALLY WORSHIPPING HIM.


Tom Hiddleston vs. Zachary Levi

Tom Hiddleston had a dance off with Zachary Levi (aka the voice of Flynn Rider). Now this is difficult, because Zachary is also gorgeous, but whatever, Tom is our favourite sexy man!


Sleepover fun

Josh Horowitz and Tom Hiddleston have a lovely sleepover, both wearing Avengers tshirts and pyjama bottoms that we find so much more attractive than we probably should. They start playing truth or dare, Tom picks dare, and Josh gives him the dare WE ALL WANTED. Just three words. “Dance for me.” Thanks Josh.


What’s co-star Chris Hemsworth’s opinion you ask? Well…

It sounds like Chris did at one time find Tom’s dancing cringey (not. cool. Chris.) but ended up being unbelievably impressed by his onscreen brother's mad skills.


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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths - Published on 4 March 2014
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