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WATCH: Channing Tatum Becomes Simone Biles's Award Statue

by Pascale Day ,
WATCH: Channing Tatum Becomes Simone Biles's Award Statue

Y'know how, when you own loads of necklaces, you go buy one of those necklace trees to hang your abundance of gold chains on? Well, Simone Biles has won so many medals that it turns out she's in desperate need of one. But her necklace tree is Channing Tatum. Actor, dancer and all-round babe, Channing Tatum.

Simone Biles is living the dream right now. A well deserved dream, sure. But we're going to be real honest: we're very jealous. We've been jealous for a long time - like, how can anyone jump that high?! - but this latest moment in the amazing life of Simone really takes the cake.

Imagine you're a gold medal-winning gymnast. Cool right? Then, imagine you're so good at gymnastics that they name a move after you. Then imagine that, because you're just so darn good at doing the move they named after you, your one and only long-time crush Zac Efron - muscular dreamboat Zac Efron from High School Musical and 17 Again and The Lucky One and all those films that you watch on your own in a dark room - is all like, "I'm a big fan" and wants to meet you. Then - then - imagine that you go to the VMAs and you're rubbing shoulders with Kim and Kanye and just hugging Beyonce, like it's NBD. Mission accomplished, right? You can officially die happy.

​Well, the road of amazing happenings is anything but over for Miss Biles, because she just met - and hugged! - Channing Tatum on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. That's right. Actual Magic Mike. And he acted as a human statue for Simone to hang all her medals on, which I'm pretty sure is a lurid sexual fantasy for all gymnasts - nay, ladies - everywhere.

Channing was super excited to meet Simone, because duh, he's human. He told Ellen that he and wife Jenna had been following the Olympics and that he was going to "freak out" upon meeting her. He was full of praise for the tiny gymnast queen, saying "she's going to be the greatest, and already is the greatest [gymnast] of all time." N'awww!

Watch the lovely if not slightly jealousy-inducing clip below!


What do you think of Simone and Channing's new budding friendship? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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