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We Found Out What's In The Oscars Goody Bags And Now We Feel A Bit Sick

by Emmy Griffiths ,
We Found Out What's In The Oscars Goody Bags And Now We Feel A Bit Sick© Getty

You'd think the Osca nomineeshave enough fortune in their lives to share with everyone. They have incredible careers, all the fame and riches they could want and they have the pleasure of attending the Academy Awards in all of their finery gifted to them by designers to congratulate themselves on their achievements. What more could they need? Goody bags worth £200K, apparently.

We don't know about you, but we always thought goody bags were only allowed include a few drumstick lollipops and perhaps a candy bracelet, right? WRONG. In order to entice celebs to show up at the Oscars (because you know, receiving the highest form of praise watched by millions just isn't quite enough) the goody bags are insanely illustrious or, to put it frankly, bloody over-the-top.

Just look at them. No wonder they're so happy.

Coming from L.A. based marketing company Distinctive Assets, this year's goody bags might be the priciest yet, with last year's bags only worth $125k (ugh, cheapskates!) Not only are these goody bags seriously pricey, they are also fairly non-transferrable (though let's face it, who would really want to accept the gift of a vampire breast lift? No ta.) Yep, the women are offered a vampire breast lift worth $1,900 along with an 'Arouser sex toy' worth $200. Can you imagine Meryl pulling that from her gift bag? *Shudders.*

The lucky Hollywood A-listers are also gifted with a 10-day first class trip to Israel worth $55,000, a years unlimited Audi car rental, a 15 day walking tour of Japan, training sessions with celebrity wellness expert, a laser skin-tightening procedure, a lifetime supply of skin creams, a private villa fitness package, AND a vaporiser (this is, in our opinion, the best gift of them all.)

Do you think these gifts are just a TAD OTT, or do celebs deserve their treats? Tweet us your thoughts @sofeminineUK!

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