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21 Stages We All Go Through On A Friday

by Rose Adams ,
21 Stages We All Go Through On A Friday

Monday sucks, Tuesday is BS, we trick ourselves into thinking Wednesday is marginally better than it is by calling it hump day, we start to feel more human on Thursday and then there's Friyay. Our second favourite F word. Join us in a collective shaking of tail feathers because there's nothing quite like those Friday feels.

It's the day of the week we all look forward to most, when the most important decision we have to make is a bottle or glass. And it makes no difference whether we have that bottle out out, or on the sofa with Gogglebox, we're still gonna celebrate. HARD. Oh how we wish it could be Friday every day.

1. Your first thought is THANK F**K IT'S FRIDAY! Hells yeah Katy Perry's TGIF will be playing on repeat inside your brain

It's pretty likely it will be playing IRL too. And possibly Rebecca Black if you're feeling nostalgic.

2. Your morning alarm goes off and all you can think is: 'Ah, I won't have to hear this alarm tomorrow. Or the next day'

It's basically on the same excitement level as Christmas.

3. The thought that you can have the longest lay in EVER tomorrow fills you with a warm fuzzy joy



4. ... And the fact that you can go to bed whenever you want. Walking Dead marathons, that's what Fridays were made for

5. You genuinely contemplate sleeping in all day tomorrow. And why the hell not? You've earned it for getting through the week

Namaste in bed.

6. You get to the office and that cold glass of wine is calling your name already. What's it gonna be: bottle or bottle?

7. Deciding where to go for after work drinks takes up 80% of your day, when in reality you'll just go anywhere that sells alcohol. The bar is your oyster



8. You think about all the fun activities you can plan for the weekend ahead. *I'm gonna do soooo much. I am going to have the most productive weekend EVER*

9. You plan to see ALL of your friends, it's totally doable, you've got the whole weekend after all

10. The Whatsapp group chat is lit all day as you and the squad discuss plans for Saturday night's antics

That group chat is the holy grail of weekend organisation.

11. The thought that it doesn't matter if you're hungover tomorrow fills you with happiness



12. You and your boss's definition of finishing early just never match up. Come on though, it's not logical to think of anything later than 3.30 as an early finish, amiright?

13. Eating whatever the hell you want, with the excuse 'because it's Friday'

All about those fat Friday feels.

14. ... And that totally includes Maccas for breakfast and lunch. Milkshake, nuggets, big mac...

15. You apply the rationale 'Oh F*ck it it's Friday, this task can wait til Monday' to 70% of your to-do list



16. ... And when you get yet another angry email from said person you've been ignoring, you just think: 'Jeez man, lighten up it's Friday.'

17. You've got the 'pretending to look productive' pose nailed, when really the majority of your day is spent refreshing your Instagram and Twitter feeds and scrolling on Missguided cos this week used up all your energy. Not Facebook though, you're not totally reckless.

18. You're nice to everyone in the office, especially that colleague you can't stand, cos you know won't have to see them for the next two days. There is a god.



19. After mentally planning your outfit all day, you remember that you still need to stock up on the weekend essentials: vodka and eyelashes

20. When the clock strikes 5pm you don't even notice cos you've already packed everything away and are heading out the door

No time for niceties now merhahaha.

21. Friday is totally the best day of the week. As long as no one mentions the M word of course...

What's your fave thing about Friday? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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